The Fairfield seventh grade girls team improved to 11-0 after three recent wins over North Adams, Lynchburg-Clay and West Union, all games in the Southern Hills Athletic Conference.

In their ninth win of the season, Fairfield won by a 39-21 score over North Adams. Fairfield led early on at 10-2 after one quarter, and then after a 9-6 second quarter in favor of Fairfield, the Lady Lions built a lead of 19-8 at halftime.

The third quarter saw an 11-3 scoring differential in favor of Fairfield, and in the fourth Fairfield scored eight points and North Adams tallied 10 points.

Mya Hamilton was Fairfield’s leading scorer with 26 points, followed by Hannah Hamilton with six points. The remainder of the Fairfield scoring included Kassi Miller with two points, Claire Newkirk with two points and Mackenzie Anderson with one point.

The next game saw Fairfield defeat Lynchburg-Clay by a 47-17 score. In this SHAC game, Fairfield led by a 9-2 score at the end of the first frame, followed by a 9-4 quarter to give the Lady Lions a lead of 18-6 at halftime.

Fairfield’s second half included 21 points in the third and eight points in the fourth quarter. Lynchburg-Clay scored five points in the third and six points in the fourth quarter.

Mya Hamilton was Fairfield’s leading scorer with 20 points. Kassi Miller followed with seven points, and also scoring seven points was Hannah Hamilton.

Fairfield had three points from Mackenzie Anderson, and scoring two points each were Jobey Hattan, Isabelle Brunck, Halle Jones, Mallory Tolle and Kendall Welling.

The 11th win of the season for Fairfield came against West Union. That game saw the Lady Lions lead 17-7 at the conclusion of the first quarter. Next was a 10-3 second frame for a halftime advantage of 27-10.

Fairfield scored 15 points in the third, then collected eight more points in the fourth fame. West Union in the third scored three points, and in the fourth they had their best frame at 17 points.

Mya Hamilton finished the game with 24 points, while Hannah Hamilton finished in double figures with 12 points. Next was Jobey Hattan with four points, and Kassi Miller added three points for the Lady Lions.

Rounding out the Fairfield scoring were Kinley Cox with two points, Isabelle Brunck with two points and Halle Jones scored one point.