“Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say, ‘Well, if you can’t get the votes, by executive order, you’re going to do something. Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus." Joe Biden

For the last four years, I've heard from people on the political right and left gripe about President Donald J. Trump's words. I've also heard many people – granted, mostly on the right – commend President Trump's actions.

Then, JoeBama wriggled the 2020 Democrat nomination for president from a very weak group of candidates and wrangled the presidential election from the incumbent.

Many of JoeBama's supporters praised his words of "unity" and "transparency." During his campaign and inaugural address, he often mentioned unity. In fact, as a candidate, he said he would need congressional support to move his agenda forward. "We are a democracy," he said, "not a dictatorship."

As far as transparency, it's been reported that JoeBama (pat. pending) accepted more dark money campaign cash than anyone in history.

After just eight days as president (and half a century on the taxpayers' teat with little to no accomplishments), at least a few of JoeBama's supporters are having second thoughts, if not buyer's remorse.

Even the ultra-liberal New York Times criticized the "career" politician (politics should never be anyone's career) this week for rushing through 40 executive orders in his first week – more than the combined first-week total of three recent U.S. presidents, including Barack Obama. If he keeps up this pace, he'll sign 8,320 executive orders in his first term. Talk about a dictatorial fascist in the making. That would shatter FDR's record of 3,721 executive orders.

It's been said before, but actions do speak louder than words. With Trump – hate him or hate him – his actions were mostly beneficial to the nation's workers and taxpayers, the very people at the forefront of his four years in office.

Thus far, JoeBama's actions have had the opposite affect on American workers and taxpayers. One executive order alone erased 11,000 good-paying jobs on the Keystone Pipeline, to say nothing of the future impact on fuel costs.

This week, John Ketchup Kerry (he married the wealthy Widow Heinz, you know) said the now unemployed Keystone Pipeline workers "can go make solar panels."

Really? That's precious from an elitist liberal like Ketchup Kerry. By the way, if he's so enthused with the "New Green Deal" bull crap, why does he fly around in a private jet that emits 40 times more carbon per passenger than a commercial plane? Kerry doesn't give a rat's arse about climate change or anything else other than procuring more tax dollars for his personal standing in places like his palatial Martha's Vineyard estate, where you are not welcome.

Simply by the sheer volume of the texts of 40 executive orders signed in his first week – coupled with his obvious state of "C'mon, man, gimme-a-breakisms," it's painfully obvious that JoeBama has not read nor comprehended the orders he has signed. There is someone behind the curtain and someone whispering into his earpiece. 

With many Republicans losing trust in the voting process, it's up to Democrats – like Tulsi Gabbard – to push back against the liberal overreach.

"We must unite to protect our Constitution and stand up to the likes of Brennan, Schiff & Big Tech who are trying to take away our civil liberties and undermine our Constitution," the former Democrat Congresswoman said. "If our leaders fail to denounce and stop them now, then the country we love and cherish will no longer exist."

If The New York Times and other media of dubious credibility take their jobs seriously (they don't), it's time for the honeymoon to end and for some serious questions to be asked.

Not that JoeBama will answer them honestly. He doesn't know the answers. He must defer to the Wizard. (See of Oz.)

Rory Ryan is publisher and owner of The Highland County Press, Highland County's only locally owned and operated newspaper.