Let's forgo the JoeBama (pat. pending) references today. This is more serious than even I had imagined.

After listening (live) to Joe Biden's first so-called press conference as POTUS, I thought perhaps he wasn't horrible. Granted, even through the radio speakers, he sounded more dazed and confused than alert and cognitive. (As a candidate, wasn't it Biden who said he has a cognitive test every day? Who, pray tell, does that – or even says something so outlandish?)

Anyway, where was I? Hello? I don’t know how much detail you want...

But I digress.

Being a glutton for punishment – but also as a public service – I decided to watch the Biden presser later in the day. My, oh my. What an unmitigated disaster for a United States president.

Anyone who's been round the press conference block even a time or two, knows something from Shinola. The March 25 White House event was obviously rehearsed, staged and very partisan.

Biden came to the lectern with written answers to questions that clearly were approved in advance. Even with this preparation – with the help of a complicit liberal media – Biden repeatedly stumbled over his words on the simplest of seemingly pre-approved questions. At one point, speaking of former President Donald Trump, Biden said: "My predecessor. Oh God, I miss him."

So do many other Americans, by the way.

As former President Trump said afterward, “It was like softballs, like you are throwing softballs up. They are easy questions. I noticed Peter Doocy didn’t get to ask a question. And there could be no difficult questions. The whole thing is ridiculous. You know it, and so do I,” Trump said during an interview with Laura Ingraham.

Hate him or hate him, Trump was right. Go back and look at the way the mainstream media grilled Trump at every opportunity and compare that to the Biden presser. It's night and day. (If we are still permitted to use a night-and-day analogy in 2021.)

For Biden, with breaking news about his son Hunter's handgun and the Secret Service, nary a question. Would the mainstreamers extend the same unprofessional courtesy to Trump if Junior were in similar trouble? Of course not.

The Daily Wire (https://www.dailywire.com/news/fact-checking-bidens-disastrous-first-press-conference) published an interesting fact-checking article on many of Biden's gaffes. Albeit lengthy, it is worth reading.

To Biden's credit, perhaps, by his own words the U.S. went from 85th in the world in infrastructure to 13th globally in infrastructure in less than five minutes. I have no clue – nor does he – about those conflicting statements.

Now, as bad as the March 25 orchestrated press conference was, the real issue before the Democrat Party power brokers is this: What now?

Realistically, there are only two obvious possibilities. Begin the transition to Kamala as POTUS. Granted, that's been under way for months, but they may need to move up the timeline a bit.

The other option is for Biden to schedule a prime-time, sit-down, kid-glove interview with "60 Minutes" or "Oprah" or both.

My best guess is that before the powerful party players pull the plug on POTUS (how's that for alliteration?), they'll arrange for a TV special with Joe & Jill, coming down from the hill to fetch a pail of political correctitude from the swamp. (Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.)

The program will be one of those highly anticipated and well-publicized events. Not to air too soon, of course. Let's get through the NCAA basketball tournament, where TV ratings are already high. For obvious reasons, Good Friday and Easter Sunday are too soon as well.

I can envision the party looking at the calendar and realizing that Earth Day 2021 is Thursday, April 22. Perfect.

This allows a month for taping and careful editing of interviews with Joe & Jill. Plenty of time to get things just so, in a neat little heartwarming package that will erase any and all doubt about the president of the United States' ability to lead the free world.

Maybe the party can wait until Earth Day. Waiting any longer will be yet another disaster. The world is watching. Sadly, Joe is napping.

Rory Ryan is publisher and owner of The Highland County Press.