Anybody here seen my old friend Abraham?
Can you tell me where he's gone?

Anybody here seen my old friend Martin?
Can you tell me where he's gone?

Anybody here seen my old friend John?
Can you tell me where he's gone?

– "Abraham, Martin and John," lyrics by Dick Holler, 1968; recorded by Dion DiMucci; © Regent Music, Stonehenge Music.

Anybody here seen my old friend Jackie?
Can you tell me where she's gone?

– Joe Biden, 2022.

In a most bizarre speech during a conference on hunger last week, President Joe Biden called out a deceased U.S. congresswoman for public recognition, addressing the lawmaker for applause as if she were alive and in attendance.

Biden thanked a group of lawmakers, including Democrat New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, Democrat Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern, Republican Indiana Sen. Mike Braun and the late Republican Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski.

“Jackie, are you here?" Biden asked. "Where’s Jackie? I think she was going to be here,” Biden said.

Walorski died in an Aug. 3 car crash. Biden issued a statement at the time of her death, saying that he and the first lady were “shocked and saddened” by the news.

Less than two months later, he tried to introduce the deceased lawmaker.

Naturally, the White House and the mainstream media passed off the humiliating gaffe as if it were nothing more than a slip of the tongue – or one of those infamous media gatherings to promote some idiotic theme known to us as TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness).

“The president was naming the congressional champions on this issue and was acknowledging her incredible work,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said when asked about Biden’s remark. “I don’t think it’s all that unusual to have someone top of mind, especially as there’s a big event.”

Good old TOMA rears its head once again.

I recall participating in Top of Mind Awareness gatherings 20 or 25 years ago. They were a joke. Maybe Karine Jean-Pierre bought in to this marketing concept. I never did.

And I'll bet Biden couldn't even use TOMA as his excuse for such embarrassing comments. The Top of Mind Awareness alibi was pure fabrication by those pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

Then last week in Hagerstown, Md., Biden told his audience, "Let me start off with two words: Made in America." Math is tough, I suppose, but I believe that was three words. Then, more recently, Biden lied and said his son Beau died in Iraq, implying that he gave his life in military service.

As mentally checked out as Biden is, the current presidential line of succession is no more encouraging.

In the same week, Vice President Kamala Harris applauded the United States’ long alliance with “the republic of North Korea” during a trip to the Demilitarized Zone.

Harris emphasized the “very important relationship” between the U.S. and “the republic of North Korea.”

"I know these things can be difficult, but our alliance is with South Korea, not North Korea,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, was quick to tweet.

I watched the Harris speech at the DMZ and did not see her apologize and correct her gaffe, which is par for the Biden-Harris course.

It gets better, though.

The next in line to the most important office on the planet has her own issues.

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that disaster relief is “needed right away for Iran… uh, Ion… uh, Ian,” during her weekly press conference on Sept. 30.

Hurricane Iran?

Hurricane Ion?

Third time's a charm, Nancy D'Alessandro: It's Hurricane Ian. It was a Cat 4, almost a Cat 5. It's been in all the papers, as they say.

Biden. Harris. Pelosi. These are – purportedly – the three most powerful political figures in the U.S. And if you believe that for an instant, I'll sell you some Top of Mind Awareness ads at half price.

These three clowns couldn't put up a circus tent.

And they are making a mockery of Obama's third term as president.

Rory Ryan is publisher and owner of The Highland County Press.