Mark Faust
Mark Faust
By Mark Faust
HCP columnist

During the height of the Obamacare debate in the summer of 2009, I called Sen. Sherrod Brown’s office asking when/if he was going to hold town meetings to discuss the bill with Ohioans. I was told that he did not have any meetings scheduled and to regularly check his website for more information. That answer seemed reasonable and satisfied me.

As I was working around the house the very next day, I heard a news report about Senator Brown holding an Obamacare town hall meeting. The news report almost knocked me down. I immediately called his office and asked why I had been lied to. Naturally, whoever I was talking to expressed their disbelief in my story. They could not imagine someone in that office giving me incorrect information. Later, I found out that this meeting was an invitation-only meeting. Senator Brown wanted a meeting with hand-picked attendees so he could say that Ohioans were supportive of Obamacare. He didn’t want to listen to anyone the disagreed with his politics. The town hall gathering was a scripted meeting to manipulate the public

I am writing this just hours after Donald Trump’s home was raided by the FBI. The reaction to the raid ranges from anger to praise. There are those who are shocked and dismayed at what the Justice Department has done. Others are joyfully celebrating what they believe will be the eventual prosecution of Trump (and everything he stands for).

Personally, I’m not that concerned about Donald Trump. When stories like this hit the news on a national level, usually there is not much for me to do. If I call Rep. Brad Wenstrup or Senators Brown or Rob Portman and ask why Hunter Biden has not been indicted, I’ll get some generic response about separation of powers and letting the Department of Justice conduct their investigation in an unbiased manner.

I can gripe and complain about Paul Pelosi buying stock in computer chip companies, but he will still get to keep the millions of dollars he made from the (insider) trade. As one person in the middle of rural Ohio, I’ve learned that there is not much that I can do about the actions of our national politicians. Senator Brown’s office lying to me about town hall meetings taught me that. Up until now, I didn’t really worry about the future of America. I’ve always thought there were enough Americans who believed in the Constitution to thwart any attacks on the American way of life.

The FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s home scares me to death. There has been one unsuccessful attempt after another to prosecute Donald Trump for nearly seven years. From the Russian collusion hoax to the Ukraine conversation to Jan. 6, the left has done everything in their power to eliminate Trump and everything that he stands for. Let me be clear about this: I’m not concerned about Donald Trump. He has the money and resources to successfully fight this. And he will win just like he always has.

My concern is about who is next. The arrows have been directed at Trump, but soon they will be loosed on all the deplorables that want to Make America Great Again. I’m concerned about the attacks on “lesser” Americans. The attacks on Donald Trump's political allies have already happened. Look no further than the legal atrocities committed against Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn.

Page had a FISA warrant issued against him based on the completely fabricated Steele dossier. Papadopoulos was fed false information by an FBI informant, was asked about that information by another FBI agent, and was charged with lying to an FBI agent about the orchestrated conversation. Flynn had his life ruined when he was forced to admit he lied to the FBI, even though the FBI agents who interviewed him did not think he lied.

Over the past 19 months, the attacks on Trump supporters that do not have direct ties to the former president have started. Parents who have the audacity to question their local school boards about what their children are being taught are being investigated by the DOJ.

There are Americans who have been in solitary confinement for over a year because they took selfies in the Capitol after being let in to the building by Capitol police. Look no further than Pam Hemphill, a 69-year-old grandmother with cancer was sentenced to 60 days in jail for her part in the “insurrection.”

The IRS will soon be adding 87,000 new agents to their ranks. Who do you think they will be auditing? Will it be Paul Pelosi? Does Lois Learner and the TEA Party ring a bell? (One other thing: Why does the IRS have 4,500 guns and 5 million rounds of ammunition?)

Don’t take this as a “whatabout” situation. My point is not to complain about Hillary’s emails or Hunter’s laptop. That’s a topic for another day. My concern is that Trump supporters, i.e., the MAGA crowd, are next. The left hates their vision of America and are doing everything they can to eliminate the MAGA voice.

During the Obama administration, the left could just ignore conservatives like Senator Brown did to me. But the Trump presidency changed all that. During those four years, the social media giants tried their best to limit the speech of conservatives, but that wasn’t enough either. Now the left is using the Department of Justice to silence conservatives through a show of intimidation and force. Unlike Donald Trump, most of them don’t have the resources to defend themselves. That should scare every American, not just the MAGA crowd.