What if President Donald J. Trump becomes the first Republican since former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Ronald Wilson Reagan to win the not-so-great state of California on Nov. 3?

Hang on, now. I'm still relatively sober.

With Joe Biden's bottom-of-the-ticket (or is she on top?) candidate Kamala Harris' poor reputation in the Golden State, anything is possible.

Given California's issues with homelessness, street people urinating and crapping hither and yon in public, more wildfires, mass exodus, etc., maybe, just maybe, some voters on the left coast will come to realize that liberal, socialist policies rarely have any sustaining value.

In fact, they never do.

Wouldn't it be something if registered voters in California on their way out of state vote by absentee ballot – from, say, Utah or Idaho or Ohio? (Hi, Oscar Mayer.)

What if President Trump also wins the Al Gore state of Tennessee and the Hillbillary Clinton state of Arkansas? It will happen.

When former President George W. Bush ran against Gore in 2000, I told former Adams County Commissioner Bob Semple that Bush would win the Volunteer State. I made this prediction in a roomful of Republicans at a Lincoln dinner. I was called out for this bold prediction.

"Are you crazy, Rory?" Bob responded.

Well, let's not answer Bob's question directly. The jury is still out on that. But President Bush did, indeed, win the great state of Tennessee.

Then, there was the gawdawful presidential candidacy of Democrat carpetbagger and former Arkansan Hillary Rodham four years ago. How'd she do in the Razorback State down south? Not good. She lost. Of course by then, she was more comfortable as a pseudo New Yorker.

There's a reason the liberals want to do away with the Electoral College. There's also a reason that this country never should appease the more vocal masses on the left.

While the liberals are trying their best to turn Texas blue by flooding the Lone Star State with illegal immigrants, there's also this: They may be overplaying their supposed pat hand.

A good number of these immigrants have fled socialism in various forms. A good number of them may just realize that a government large enough to promise everything freely to every citizen is also large enough to take everything that was worked for away.

A good number of these immigrants understand that there is personal esteem and value to a hard day's work. This, in fact, far exceeds waiting for the first-of-the-month welfare check (or card update).

What if the Harris-Biden ticket (their words, not mine) starts talking about the value of work?

What if, instead of promising free medical coverage (this is not health care, by the way); free college (how about that, you liberal professors?); free food (we already have that); free home energy assistance (ditto); free beer (they almost had me); and free rent (whatever happened to the Rent Is Too Damned High candidate?); what if the Harris-Biden ticket instead told their voters this: Stop rioting. Get an education. Get a job. Save your money. Take care of your children. Enjoy your fleeting life, because it is fleeting. Believe in a better society. Work toward that end. There is a better way. You might even go to church now and then.

Hell, I might even vote for Harris and Biden if they did that. But don't count on it.

One thing is unarguable: Trump will win Highland County – and he'll win it by a wide margin. Again.

* * *

• In other news that's not garnering the media attention that it should, Ohio's Sen. Rob Portman and Rep. Brad Wenstrup both championed this week's historic Middle East agreements with the United States, Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

“Today’s historic agreements bring us one step closer to achieving peace and stability in the Middle East and around the world," Congressman Wenstrup said. "Our ally, Israel, continues to be a partner for peace in the region, and I look forward to more Arab nations normalizing relations and building greater regional cooperation. President Trump continues to deliver results, and I applaud his leadership in securing this monumental agreement.”

Indeed. Let's hope the agreement is a long-lasting one. It's about time.

* * *

• Then, there's this gem from Tyler Buchanan of the Ohio Capital Journal.

A majority of Ohio Controlling Board members are not convinced there is a need to make voting by mail more convenient by prepaying for postage this fall.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, as the late Ed Bousman used to say.

Highland County's General Assembly members, Sen. Bob Peterson and Rep. Shane Wilkin, exercised the common sense that God gave a goose and voted against fellow Republican (really?) Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who had sought approval to spend $3 million from his own office (not to be confused with his own money) to pay for voters’ postage.

As Buchanan wrote: "LaRose has been vocal about the need for absentee ballots to be returned promptly this fall; prepaying postage would be one way to ensure a quick turnaround for voters who would therefore not be tasked with locating or paying for a stamp."


Does LaRose think all Ohio voters are morons who cannot locate or pay for a stamp? Does he further think that those of us who can locate and pay for a stamp should have to pay for those who are somehow less competent? Let's slap the taxpayers in the face once again.

Not so surprising, the vote against LaRose was 4-2, with two Democrats on the board voting to allow the postage. No kidding.

Former Ohio Democrat secretaries of State Jennifer Brunner, Anthony Celebrezze, et al. would be pleased with LaRose's effort – if not the R after his name.

What if voters actually "woke" up?