Rep. Bill Johnson
Rep. Bill Johnson
By U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson

Today marks a landmark and historic decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of life. It’s a great day.

After oral arguments concluded last December, it was fairly clear that several justices had significant concerns with the legal foundations Roe and Casey rested on.

But now, finally, 2022 is the year that the extraordinarily divisive issue of abortion is removed from the unelected federal judiciary and returned to the citizens of each state to decide for themselves through their state legislatures. And that’s as it should be.

I hope Ohio now follows suit with a similar law to the one enacted and upheld in Mississippi. Liberal states, like California and New York, will likely vote to become hubs for abortion.

And while I would vehemently disagree with their decision, it would be up to the voters in those states. And that’s the point: Today’s Supreme Court decision, authored by Justice Sam Alito, rightfully allows states to make their own decisions; it does not ban abortion. But today marks an important return to the federalism on which our Constitution is based.

Today is unquestionably a huge win for the pro-life community. Those who’ve worked so hard for nearly five decades fighting to recognize and protect the life of the unborn – the most vulnerable and innocent among us – have reason to rejoice. However, pro-life Americans must continue to stand up and speak out for the sanctity of life.

President Trump understood that, and it’s why his administration worked so hard to implement policies to defend the unborn, and appointed countless pro-life district and circuit court judges and three Supreme Court justices who decide cases according to the Constitution and not political passions.

Without President Trump and Senate Republicans standing strong on federal court confirmations, today’s landmark ruling simply wouldn't have happened.

Finally, today’s ruling highlights the courage of several justices who refused to be intimidated by threats of violence and daily protests at their homes.

They should be commended for putting the integrity of the Constitution above their own comfort and safety.

Congressman Bill Johnson was born and raised on family farms, where he learned early the values of hard work, honesty and sacrifice. Rep. Johnson entered the U.S. Air Force in 1973, and retired as a lieutenant colonel after a distinguished military career of more than 26 years. Since first being elected in 2010, Rep. Johnson has been fighting to create jobs in eastern and southeastern Ohio – 19 bills authored by Rep. Johnson have been signed into law. He is the author of "Raising Fathers," in which he addresses the importance of fatherhood and begins confronting the destructive social and cultural impacts caused by the staggering number of America's children that are being raised in fatherless homes.