To the editor:

The state is responsible for securing, by taxation, a thorough and efficient system of common schools. Local communities are responsible for managing their respective school districts. Local communities have no right to assume the state function and the state has no right to usurp the community governance of school districts.

The state has failed to meet the constitutional standard of thorough and efficient. Low wealth and high poverty districts do not have sufficient resources to meet the needs of students and thus register low grades on the state’s ill-conceived and ill-advised report card.

State officials have refused to appropriate the essential resources required to adequately deal with the low wealth and high poverty issues. In a fit of arrogance, some state officials, upon the advice of anti-public education think tanks, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), pro-school choice foundations, etc., blame local governance for low test scores.

Local governance of school districts may not be perfect. Neither is state and federal government. Should the federal government impose a takeover process when some federal officials believe state officials are not achieving some arbitrary standard? Should the federal government be taken over by the United Nations?

William L. Phillis
Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding