Rep. Stephanie Bice
Rep. Stephanie Bice
By U.S. Rep. Stephanie Bice

Thanksgiving is a unifying holiday for our country and serves as a time for reflection on what matters most to us. It gives us a moment to pause, reconnect with loved ones and celebrate our nation’s traditions.

President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a holiday in 1863 as step toward reuniting our country after the hardships of the Civil War. This sentiment still holds true today. America, and the world, has persevered through the devastating coronavirus pandemic, and are in the process of rebuilding and creating our new normal.

This year, I am grateful we are finding the light at the end of the tunnel. American families are able to travel, gather in full, and truly live out the purpose of this holiday, which I am excited to do back in the district with my family.

I’m incredibly thankful for the selfless men and women who have dedicated themselves to making this possible. Our doctors, nurses and healthcare staff have worked, and continue to work tirelessly and risk their own lives, to combat the pandemic and strive for normalcy. From farmers, to teachers, to service members and beyond, our country came together and stepped up in the face of adversity and displayed immense strength.

Unfortunately, there are other differences between this Thanksgiving and holidays past – record- breaking inflation is making it the most expensive Thanksgiving holiday in history. Prices for ingredients of the traditional dinner are sky-high, on top of gas prices being 61-percent higher than this time last year, making travel for the holiday burdensome.

I am doing all I can to urge the Biden Administration to address this crippling economic issue that is affecting all Americans. I will unwaveringly vote against the reckless tax and spend reconciliation bill, whenever this legislation is brought to the House floor for a vote. Pumping the economy with trillions more of unpaid for social programs, would further exacerbate this inflation crisis and cause American taxpayers to suffer the effects for generations to come.

Despite this controversial bill looming around the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope that all Americans, from both sides of the aisle, can express appreciation for this great country we get to call home. Of course, there are many differences and issues to work through, but our nation is founded on opportunity and perseverance, which was especially displayed through the horrific pandemic, and from that, I have hope.

Happy Thanksgiving.