To the editor:

Former State Superintendent Richard Ross and State Board President Tom Gunlock adamantly resisted the call by seven State Board members for an independent investigation of David Hansen's Ohio Department of Education charter school operation after he was ousted from ODE in July 2015.

Ross and Gunlock indicated that the Inspector General and State Auditor could investigate the matter. Both the Inspector General and the State Auditor indicated early on they would not probe the matter.

ProgressOhio requested Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien to launch an investigation. O'Brien declined to get involved and referred the matter to the State Auditor.

A letter from O'Brien to Auditor Yost indicates that the Auditor will review the matter as a part of a routine audit of ODE.

None of these officials seem to be interested in probing into Hansen's admitted illegal actions.

Thankfully, ProgressOhio continues to put pressure on state officials to act responsibly.

William Phillis
Ohio E & A