To the editor:

The Hillsboro Public Library wants to wish the community a happy new year as we start planning special activities and events for 2022. It is our privilege to present programs, clubs and other opportunities for education and enrichment. Our mission each year is to not only encourage reading, but also to foster a sense of community and engagement.

By partnering with local businesses, we can better provide those many services to our patrons. Donations help us to continue to be a community center for Hillsboro. For a tax-deductible monetary donation, your business could be a sponsor of the library’s 2022 programming schedule. Businesses who donate prizes, such as tickets, gift cards, etc., will also be added to our sponsor list.

Unless you wish otherwise, your company name and logo will be used prominently on all publicity for our 2022 events, which include our library website, library newsletter, Facebook and other social media platforms, flyers and bookmarks.

The library has hosted a variety of events in the past, including trivia nights, seasonal program series and paint nights, in addition to our summer reading program. Teens are often the most difficult demographic for us to reach, but with exciting prizes and programs, we can encourage young people to not only read, but to also engage in constructive activities and form connections with others in the community.

Our ultimate goal is to provide patrons of all ages with new and fun opportunities — such as being able to meet and learn about wolves, which was one of our most popular programs in 2021.

As we look ahead into the upcoming year, we are excited to work with and for our community. As always, we will aim to be a safe place for both families and individuals to grow and learn.

We look forward to partnering with your business to make that goal a reality. Thank you for your time.

Sarah Davidson
Circulation Manager