Jeanette Sekan
Jeanette Sekan
By Jeanette Sekan
The Cody (Wyo.) Enterprise
HCP columnist

I was sitting on my deck recently, the light waning and turning to night.

I was reflecting on the beauty of our landscape and enjoying our heretofore cooler and wetter summer than we are normally accustomed to. After spending a few days in much different clime, I was reminding myself of our good fortune. But I’m sure that is because this is home.

People who live and deal with heat/humidity also think of their good fortune. As with most things, we all view our circumstances and the circumstances around us from our own biased prism.

Our biased prisms seem to be blinding us to our overall good fortune of being born and living in this country, and the responsibility that privilege carries. Rather than celebrating the privilege by sharing our good fortune and our founding ideas with the world, we’re systematically changing our view of ourselves and others. My thoughts as I was sitting on my deck mirrored the change from light of day to dark of night.

I reflected. No matter how much I may want to deny the demise of civil discourse, it saddens me to see how far into the unreality entertainment mode we have fallen.

Actually, it’s deeper than that and much more harmful to all of us as a diverse, but unique, society. The lack of collective outrage about the separation of families and the conditions we are imposing on the most vulnerable of human beings have been difficult to grasp.

The ho-hum attitude has only been outmatched by the blatant lies about what we – America – are allowing to happen on our soil and our watch. Who knew how deafening silence could really be in the face of a situation that cries out for a simple display of treating other humans with a modicum of compassion, even if understanding is harder to muster. Are we so far removed from the Golden Rule?

Contrary to some schools of thought that are put forth to fan the flames of intolerance, no one wants a broken system of immigration or other systems such as economy, education, healthcare or justice.

I recognize some think it’s time to burn the house down and start over, but once the house is down, where are the foundations from which to start over?

It seems that instead of being a “can-do nation” as was once our goal, we have decided that everything is mutually exclusive. Gray areas have faded to all or nothing. It’s ironic since in our everyday lives we see the predominance of gray areas, and that thoughtful solutions usually entail more than 140 characters.

One can want a workable immigration system, but still recognize that what we are doing right now is just wrong on all the levels that truly matter for a society.

I spent too much time thinking through the seemingly broken systems we’re faced with and feeling bereft of how we will answer the many challenges we face. As I was caught up in the dark, I looked up and saw the leading edges of dawn. Sometimes a glimmer of light is all that is needed to change a course, or a thought, for the better.