To the editor:

Ohio should abandon the A-F rating of schools. A report card based primarily on state test results is no more useful than a school being graded merely on the level of family income within the school community.

In the most recent Ohio report card fiasco, district grades were affected by whether students were tested online or by paper and pencil. (To see the public school Report Cards, visit

Many local school district leaders are expressing concerns about the discrepancies (a frustrated teacher sounds off). Others are emphatic that the results of the abandoned PARCC test should not be used.

Although the concerns have merit and should be addressed, the fundamental issue is whether the ALEC-inspired, Jeb Bush-promoted A-F report card has any worth in improving public education and expanding high quality educational opportunities.

The A-F rating system is based on the premise that all learning is measurable. That is a false premise. The A-F report card is a politically-motivated gimmick. It shifts the blame for perceived unfavorable student outcomes from the state's failure to provide a constitutional, thorough and efficient system of common schools to the local communities and schools.

Just say no to the A-F report card shenanigan. Local education leaders have the right and responsibility to challenge policies that are a distraction to high quality education and a waste of time for local school personnel and students.

William Phillis
Ohio E & A