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cc: Members of the Board of Elections (please share)

Ms. Craycraft, and Members of the Board:

As a business and property owner in the city of Hillsboro, I request that the Highland County Board of Elections considers the following information as a challenge to the 211 South High Street, Apt. A, Hillsboro, Ohio address provided to your office in regard to Antony Weissmann’s filing as a write-in candidate for Hillsboro mayor in the Nov. 5 general election.

Please note that under Section 733.02 of the Ohio Revised Code, for a person to qualify to be elected as mayor, the person must be an elector for the city in which he or she would be elected.

The following information creates a significant doubt that Mr. Weissmann can meet these requirements:

• The Clinton County Municipal Court records show Weissmann was living at 8564 Martz Paulin Road, Franklin, Ohio 45005. The case was closed on Oct. 17, 2018 showing this as his address.

• The Warren County Auditor’s Office from 2018 also shows the same address for Weissmann.

• In a June 27, 2019 audio recording (at the 10:40 mark), Weissmann states: “The town I live in is about the same size {as Hillsboro}. I live in Germantown. I live on a farm.” Germantown is not Hillsboro.

• On Aug. 8, 2019, per Hillsboro City Auditor Gary Lewis, the last official address that the city has for Weissmann is P.O. Box 396, Franklin, Ohio 45005.

• Lastly, current records in Highland County show 211 South High Street, Hillsboro, as an office building for both stories. As far as I know, my family was the last family living there – during the Ice Storm of 2004.

Evidence to the aforementioned notations will be provided upon request to the elections director and board members, all of whom may email me posthaste at

I appreciate your action and help in this matter.

Rory Ryan
The Highland County Press