DATELINE: WASHINGTON, D.C. (DEMOCRAT CIRCUS) – OK. In the words of Crazy Joe Biden this week, I am a damned liar. The origin in this dateline is not Washington, D.C. (Democrat Circus). Rather, it is from a remote outpost disclosed only to a select few confidants, most of whom may not be trustworthy anyway. (Hey, Joe, I just did 50 pushups!)

The inevitable fierce backlash to come notwithstanding, it has crossed my mind that a small number of us are afflicted with a serious case of Absolute Certainty Disorder Confusion (ACDC, if you prefer).

Simply put, Absolute Certainty Disorder Confusion occurs when someone – for Purely Partisan Politics Purposes (PPPP, not to be confused with CCCP) – refuses to acknowledge or accept any opinion contrary to his own preconceived ideas on any given topic or subject. Especially those related to 2020 politics.

Opulent Career Politicians (OCPs) count on the ACDCs to perpetuate this absolute certainty in order to stifle any rational discussion. Those so afflicted can be counted on to carry the swamp water. The truth does not enter into the thought process.

Those on the far left would ride the Sanders Train to Disaster (STD), while those on the far right would support – carte blanche – a president in Donald J. Trump, who obviously spends more time on Twitter than Peloton.

On the bright side, the extremists – be they left or right – have not established a credible majority. Yet.

Most of us, it seems to me, aren't all that far apart in these great United States. Most of us get up – I won't say we get up in the morning, since I spent years working the graveyard shift – and we go to work. We put in an honest day's work. We stop by the store and head home. We do it again the next day. The next week. The next month. The next year. We raise our families. We live our lives. On the worst days, we bury our dead.

We are far too busy to play the swamp games that have gone on for far too long in the nation's capital.

What so many of you in Congress simply cannot comprehend is this: You really are not important to the majority of us.

You are too full of being Personally Obsessed Or Preoccupied (Full of POOP) with your incessant hearings – and related fundraisers – to get one damned thing done for the hard-working, middle-income Americans who built this country and who have maintained the great republic for more than 240 years.

One more thing about your incessant impeachment hearings and related fundraisers: Intelligent readers – regardless of politics – know the two go hand in hand.

Personally, I have received more requests for money from Donald Trump, Rob Portman, Brad Wenstrup and Jim Jordan in the past month than I can ever recall. I've met three of the four men and respect them. I've voted for half of them (Rob and Brad) on multiple occasions. I will do so again. But I left their once Grand Old Party after 35 years not long ago. I am a registered Libertarian voter in the state of Ohio. Still, they assume "once a Republican, always a Republican."

I suspect – if they would admit it – registered Democrats in Ohio and across the country are receiving similar Political Panhandling (PP) from the likes of Sherrod Brown, Adam Shiftless and Baltimoron Nancy. Hell, Brown has even asked me for money. The check's in the mail. (Not.)

This brings the question about the elephant in the room and the jackass peeking in the window: Is all this just a show? Please, Nancy, Nadler and Shifty, tell us this has all been just a political circus in order to wake up what's left of your base.

Please, Brad, Jim, Rob, Mike, et. al, tell us it's just a bad dream. Tell us that we're all Americans, first and foremost. Tell us that all members of Congress want what's best for America and not what's best for your current and future political aspirations.

Can any of you do that? And back it up without anyone examining your accepted campaign contributions and voting records? After all, you do (or you are supposed to) work for us. You are not the syndicate bosses. You are our employees. Act like it for a change.

From all that I've witnessed during the impeachment hearings, the one takeaway is the number of times Adam Schiff declined to recognize a fellow congressional committee member. "The chair does not recognize..." "The chair does not recognize..." "The chair does not recognize..." Turn your broken record over and let us hear the other side for once.

If the leading 2020 Democrat candidate for president can call someone a "damned liar" and get away with it, I guess I'll call Adam Schiff a horse's ... nope. I'm not going to stoop to their level.

Ah, the hell I'm not. Adam Schiff is a horse's ass.

Absolute Certainty Disorder Confusion (ACDC) brings to mind the ACDC band's song "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap."

No shinola.

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Rory Ryan is publisher and owner of The Highland County Press, Highland County's only locally owned and operated newspaper.