Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson
By Jim Thompson
HCP columnist

If you haven’t voted already, it’s time to get personal. What is keeping you up at night?

What are your worries that fall into the areas that government can do something about them? When you figure that out, you’ll know which way to vote.

I recommend you take yourself back to February of this year and see if you can recall what concerned you then. What has happened since February has nothing to do with reality.

The world, in modern times, has never dealt with a mess like we have seen since February.

Some can attempt to blame it on politics, but they would be wrong – no leadership anywhere on the planet has been able to conclusively deal with what has happened since then. So, don’t blame leadership – none of them anywhere on earth has known what to do about the pandemic – it has just been so much thrashing about.

With the FDA beginning to approve drugs to deal with the pandemic, we are reaching a time where soon the pandemic will be a thing of the past. It looks like that will start this winter and be done by spring or early summer. I am basing this on announcements coming out of the FDA – nothing else.

If I am right, we can roll back to February and pick up where we left off. If you liked what was happening in the economy last February, I suggest you think in these last few days about voting for the people you thought were responsible for your economic fortunes (or misfortunes) at that point in time. If you don’t like what was going on then, you may want to look elsewhere.

If you abhor what has happened in society in the last six months, I suggest you vote against those you think are responsible for those conditions that could be controlled by humankind – that being solely social disorder and other such matters. The pandemic has not been controlled by humankind – humans have reacted to it, but no set of humans anywhere has controlled it. Other matters in this time frame were human caused or human preventable.

But back to the title of this week’s column – what’s keeping you up at night? Vote to fix that.

Don’t fall for the trap that someone is reprehensible, someone is incompetent or other such views. Trust the justice system to right those wrongs – use your vote to look to protect the welfare of those things you believe should be preserved for the benefit of your community and country.

Loudmouths of all types have been working to stir you up to vote for their benefit, not yours. You may choose to vote the way they are leading you, but do it because you believe in it, not for some other reason pushed by someone else.

Today, media has outrun human capacity to sort out what makes sense. Many do the lazy thing and believe what is delivered by media and vote as media tells them to vote. That is all just noise. It may not be aligned with your deep-seated values.

Your vote is yours to use as you see fit. In this country, you are given that franchise as an inalienable right. Don’t let the emotions of others become anxiety or anger for you. And remember, this, those yelling the loudest, those most accusatory need the most investigation, by you, no one else, so that you cast a valuable and responsible vote.

Jim Thompson, formerly of Marshall, is a graduate of Hillsboro High School and the University of Cincinnati. He resides in Duluth, Ga. and is a columnist for The Highland County Press. He may be reached at jthompson@taii.com.