When I was in the seventh grade, I sat in front of a bully for part of the year. Our desks were the old-fashioned kind, the ones where the seat of one desk is the front of the desk behind it.

About once per week, I could count on this person to drop a piece of gum on my seat which, of course, would stick to my pants. At the time, I could not do much about this. He outweighed me and was taller than me, but I resolved that in the future I would go after bullies wherever I found them.

My most recent column here “Employer shenanigans,” offered up some conclusions that a couple of online commentators familiar with my musings found surprising. I will submit that my suggestions were completely in line with my quest to go after bullies.

What confused these folks was that my suggestions were ones that might be usually aligned with left leaning ideals. My response is use whatever tools you need to win when fighting bullies, as long as those tools are legal, moral and ethical.

What confused them was my seeming crossover to left leaning ideas. They assumed that my near constant drumbeat against the objectives of the Democrats and the Left would preclude me from such a path.

What they missed was this: When it comes to bullies, I think there is no larger nor more consistent collection of bullies than the Democrat leadership and their Left leaning buddies. Note: I said Democrat leadership, not the rank and file that live in our communities and are our neighbors, trying to earn a living.

The siren song of the Democrats and the Left, sounds good. However, their actions do not follow their claim to high moral ground. I’ll not repeat what you are hearing in the news every day now, but just in the last two weeks, the exposed shenanigans, the word I used in my column title recently, have shown their so-called values are merely lip service.

Then if you look at their long-term agenda – abortion, global warming, no voter ID and on and on – you see the pattern. It is all about control – and control at any price. Like any bully, there is no room for dialogue, there is only name-calling should you happen to disagree.

Bullying is related to having an inferiority complex and being afraid. People who feel inferior or afraid do not engage in conversation, they resort to figurative “chewing gum in the seat” behavior.

That is what we see consistently from the Left. I would dare say even the “safe space” movement is nothing but a passive aggressive form of bullying.

People confident in their beliefs and grounded in a genuine understanding of the issues they espouse will gladly participate in a solid discussion with folks of an opposite viewpoint simply because they want to learn and have an opportunity to intelligently promulgate their own ideas.

Bullies from the Left can’t do this because they don’t have a solid, grounded understanding of what they think they are supposed to believe. In their heart of hearts, they don’t have the confidence to articulate and espouse their convictions in a way that they trust will win others over. So they bully.

And so I continue to call out bullies – that is my “cause.” I am convinced bullies are of no particular stripe. They are found in all walks of life and political affiliations.

Jim Thompson, formerly of Marshall, is a graduate of Hillsboro High School and the University of Cincinnati. He resides in Duluth, Ga. and is a columnist for The Highland County Press.