President Trump has delivered a good year and some of these items are already in progress on his agenda. Just to make sure, however…

• Your number-one priority is to protect the citizens of the United States, don’t forget it. This means build the wall and properly fund the military.

• Your number-two priority is to promote free trade between the states.

• Stop abortion.

• Protect Christians and Jews from persecution just like you protect the Muslims.

• Return to the states the authority and power you have been usurping from them for decades.

• Quit the “merry-go-round” of taxes whereby the federal government collects taxes and then redistributes these funds back to the states. (This will help expedite the point above, because then, if they want to be a sanctuary city or state, no problem – you will not be withholding money from them because you were not going to give them any in the first place.)

• If, as rumored, you are going to start calling Social Security a “federal benefit,” then meld the Social Security tax into the tax rate so we can see what you are really taxing us. You can’t have it both ways – keep up the charade that we are putting away our own (and our employer’s) money for retirement – and then call it a federal benefit. It’s a tax, one that is taxed on both ends – when earned and when received. Better yet, just scrap this whole system of lies and deceit.

• Stop government programs that are out of date and don’t work.

• Cut the funding for all non-defense government programs that remain by 20 percent. I don’t expect the services to decline; I expect them to become more efficient.

• Sell all the government’s surplus real estate. This is under way – congratulations – just don’t stop until you complete the job.

• Accelerate the implementation of the NextGen air navigation system and privatize air traffic control. This will do more to save energy and speed travel times than anything else that can be done in the current era.

• Continue to roll back regulations; let the economy be as free as possible (but we still need to be protected from monopolies and anti-trust behavior and you do this best).

• Develop a plan to reduce the federal debt to 50 percent of GDP in real terms and not by inflating our way out of it.

• Promote skilled trade training; stop subsidizing and promoting four-year colleges, especially those that offer degrees with no employment prospects and those that continue offering tenure to professors.

• Encourage the states to develop health care systems that offer true competition amongst hospitals and doctors, just like we have between air conditioning repairs services.

• Amend the Constitution to require all candidates for office of president to produce a birth certificate in order to be certified as eligible.

Jim Thompson, formerly of Marshall, is a graduate of Hillsboro High School and the University of Cincinnati. He resides in Duluth, Ga. and is a columnist for The Highland County Press.