Jeanette Sekan
Jeanette Sekan
The Cody (Wyo.) Enterprise

I’ve been on another current event hiatus. I admit to scanning headlines but have chosen to forego the details.

I know about the hurricanes since I had friends in harm’s way. I know about the California wildfires that, as of this writing, are still raging and far from under control. I know about Las Vegas. I know about the name calling, boasts and worse from the most infamous Twitter account on the planet.

I know about the long overdue exposure of prolonged sexual harassment by powerful, wealthy, influential men. I know I’m worried about my health care premiums for next year and terrified Ret. General McCaffrey is correct that we could be in a catastrophic war by next summer.

Is it any wonder I want to hide for a while, even if I’m not successful?

The above are enough to give anyone nightmares. But other examples of man’s inhumanity toward man put me on the path to temporary ignorance of the world: two mothers overdosing with their infants in the backseat; our own American citizens on a Caribbean island without water for over two weeks after a natural disaster; a little girl left outside as punishment because she wouldn’t drink her milk, now dead; a fan at a ball game beaten up after asking the person in front to sit down so he could see the game; a little boy found bound in a trunk in a basement; flight attendants sharing their fear of passengers – not something I’m comfortable knowing at 30,000 feet; dogs found in chains and starving; one teenager shooting another because of a Snapchat post; school boards in small town USA wanting to arm the staff; elderly patients abused at the facilities entrusted with their care; hazing that results in death is still occurring on college campuses; colleges still give athletics a pass in the name of the dollar.

I could go on, but I’d need far more than 500 words, and more adult beverages.

Often I long for a time that probably never really existed. Humans have that original sin thing to contend with. We do unspeakable damage to our fellow man, both physically and mentally. We judge others’ religion, looks, financial success and other artificial measuring sticks against our own.

We must be better than, richer than, smarter than and cuter than. We live in so much fear of each other, and unfortunately, we’ve reached a political and social divide so deep and wide that even our basic values are fungible. In an effort to justify our vote or thinking about one issue/person, we ignore our fundamental beliefs about another issue/person.

We put our Christian faith on full display, while turning our noses up at the poor and less fortunate. We talk about turning the other cheek, yet try to demolish another at the first slight. We recite the Golden Rule, yet look the other way when our leaders treat and talk to/about others as if they were dirt.

I still have a glimmer of wishful thinking about us humans. I hope it proves to be accurate at some point.

Jeanette Sekan is a columnist for the Cody Enterprise in Cody, Wyo. and a former resident of Ohio.