Jeanette Sekan
Jeanette Sekan
By Jeanette Sekan
The Cody (Wyo.) Enterprise
HCP columnist

With the election coming up, I thought about sharing some of my thoughts.

I then realized I’m tired of hearing everyone’s thoughts, so I doubt my thoughts would be any more welcome. Most have made up their minds, and little will create a sea change in how anyone is preparing for this most important and fundamental backbone of our democratic republic – our vote.

So instead of hand-wringing and worrying about the next few weeks, which has me in a state of perpetual hives, I decided to take a little metaphorical stroll through our relatively short history of elections, party platforms and other campaigns, which can’t come close to the theater of the absurd to which we bear witness.

With the double-edged sword of technology, we can easily find the platforms of both parties for many past elections. Admittedly, some had me dozing off, but it was also interesting that a party that has such rich history and evolution has chosen a succinct yet puzzling platform today of “whatever our guy wants to do is OK with us.”

While the quote is my paraphrase, it’s a simple and accurate summation. With the many challenges of import facing the country and world, this abdication of ideas and plans is a bit jarring. But I digress. I spent time perusing the platforms of Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson. It made for interesting reading. Sadly, I doubt Goldwater’s GOP platform could pass muster today.

Revisiting some of the campaign literature and slogans of times past was also fun and brought more than one chuckle. It was a bit of a diversion when the platforms and business process of the campaigns droned on.

After a few hours of déjà vu of preparation for one of my history classes’ blue-book exams, patterns emerged and my memory Rolodex started to come back into occasional focus of things I learned and things I thought I learned.

It led me to search again to see if the memories were remotely accurate. Most were accurate; some were frayed but had the fundamental facts in the correct order; some I had to figure out where I’d taken a detour and had some facts mixed up. It was actually a fun exercise.

It also confirmed for me that I’m not all that crazy. It verified that what we are experiencing today isn’t normal, isn’t remotely part of the honorable compact between individuals as we try to form a more perfect union with imperfect citizens. None of us should want what we are experiencing today to become normal, nor should we become inured to the dismantling of all that has come before.

Even with the inherent challenges and evolutions our institutions must grapple with and adjust to as our country evolves, it’s worth the frustration to keep the framework that was created at our nascence intact.

Senator Mike Lee is wrong; democracy is the point. We can’t sustain personal liberties and freedoms if we, the people, are not allowed to freely choose our leaders. We should eschew anyone who questions, limits or suppresses that most fundamental function of this governing experiment.

Please. Vote.