Jeanette Sekan
Jeanette Sekan
By Jeanette Sekan
The Cody (Wyo.) Enterprise
HCP columnist

I’ve been contemplating the subject of upcoming columns, including this one.

My mind whirls in non sequiturs often enough, and many columns have been a result of thoughts that sometimes have a thin connector.

It seems like my mind continues to revert to the situation most of the globe is dealing with in one way or another. I thought about writing about something completely unrelated to give myself and the readers a break, but it’s difficult when the mind has a mind of its own. Funny how that happens. So, I decided to go with it rather than fight it.

I’ve been fortunate that in many ways my life has continued with relatively minimal physical interruption. The mental and emotional interruption is something else again. I can still work, and I do appreciate how that is still possible for me at this time.

My introvert personality lends itself to solitary activities. I try not to look at my financial paperwork right now. It would only add to the stress I know everyone is feeling. My hair is missing its regular visits to its friend who takes such good care of it. I worry about her and all the people in the personal service industry. Their lives have been turned upside down, as have so many lives.

I miss occasional social gatherings of book clubs, wine/lunch/dinner visits. I think of the server and bartender I’m not seeing right now, and hope they are safe and healthy, even if their lives are also upended.

Connecting by phone, text and email with friends and family continues, though it feels different. Routine and normally rote activities like shopping also feel different. There’s a new appreciation for what it takes to fill the shelves and handle our purchases at checkout.

There’s a new appreciation for those people who get the goods to the stores, and all those involved in the process that we really don’t see, and probably haven’t appreciated enough in times past. I don’t take for granted any more that I will always find the items on my shopping list.

It’s disconcerting to see the physical distance we need to observe also become emotional distance. Standing apart, not looking people in the eye, not shaking hands or hugging seem unnatural and it’s like we’re all trying to figure out the new ways of staying connected while trying to keep ourselves and others safe. Everything feels off kilter.

We’re all viewing this situation through our own lens. Some realize there are things no one knows or clearly understands, like viruses. Some think it’s overblown. Some rely on science and the recognition that data, and lack of data, matters. Some rely on what they wish to be true, regardless of data. Some are concerned only with their personal desires, regardless of what their actions may cost another. Some are thinking certain groups of people are expendable when stacked against the dollar.

History is replete with examples of certain groups of people wanting to decide the value of other groups. This never ends well.

Hopefully, soon I can divert my thoughts and writings to something else.