Jeanette Sekan
Jeanette Sekan
By Jeanette Sekan
The Cody (Wyo.) Enterprise
HCP columnist

With your indulgence again, I’m sharing words and thoughts borne of renaissance thinking that prove there are those individuals who shine and articulate situations in ways that elude most of us, even if their words illuminate what is in our hearts and minds.

The gifts of those who can succinctly capture a time, feeling, need, grief, reverence, faith, hope, challenge, despair, elation, joy and so many other parts of our humanity are treasures we can mine when necessary. This watershed moment in time is one that requires me to stop, sit and absorb the thoughts of those who can still teach, assist and clarify.

Now, more than ever, we need to be reminded of and experience – even vicariously – grand ideas and thoughts. Indulging my solace, going through my books, I re-read something from John F. Kennedy, “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.”

Thus, this column.

“If we fail to look after others when they need help, who will look after us?” – Buddha.

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

“Fear is, I believe, a most effective tool in destroying the soul of an individual – and the soul of a people.” – Anwar Sadat.

“Money is a great servant but a bad master.” – Francis Bacon.

“I think the first duty of society is justice.” – Alexander Hamilton.

“Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness. People are just people, and all people have faults and shortcomings, but all of us are born with a basic goodness.” – Anne Frank.

“Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to Heaven.” – William Shakespeare.

“He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he that loses his courage loses all.” – Miguel de Cervantes.

“Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” – Thomas Paine.

“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” – Galileo Galilei.

“I would uphold the law if for no other reason but to protect myself.” – Sir Thomas More.

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your troubles, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

“There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.” – Mark Twain.

“Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves.” – Abraham Lincoln.

“We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.” – Will Rogers.

We have the privilege to look back at history and plan for an unknown future. Those who have come before have much to offer for our journey forward.