Jeanette Sekan
Jeanette Sekan
By Jeanette Sekan
The Cody (Wyo.) Enterprise
HCP columnist

Pets. What a joy. Even when they don’t mind, eat a variety of disgusting stuff outside and throw it up when inside and have a mind of their own, they bring immeasurable pleasure.

It was heartwarming to hear that in some locations, adoptions of lonely animals have increased.

One of the upsides of working from home for many is that now people have the ability and the time to devote to our furry friends.

I’ve paid closer attention to BeBe and Toby, of late. Actually, it’s hard not to, since they both decide and demand their time in the spotlight of my attention. They can tell time. Eating, playing, riding in the car, nap time all need to occur when they expect it or they start their reminder routine.

BeBe, my sweet grand old lady, is grayer and slower. She has decided to allow Toby to push her aside, take her toys and sleep on her bed whenever he feels like it. She still has a cunning streak, though. When she wants undivided petting and belly rubs, she implements her plan to distract Toby.

She has outgrown her toys, but Toby is still enamored. He can get a squeaker out of a toy in about 45 seconds flat. BeBe will head to the toy basket and start to root around. Toby, being Mr. Jealous Face and wanting to have his nose into everything anyway, can’t stand it.

So, he pushes her aside and starts to empty the toy basket. As soon as he starts this, BeBe realizes she’s fooled him again. She’ll walk over to me for “BeBe time.” This lasts a while before Toby realizes she’s getting something he isn’t, so here he comes to push her out of the way for his time to get petted.

By then, BeBe’s happy, on her side and ready for one of many naps.

I’m reminded of BeBe’s aging. I think we’re doing it together. Toby, on the other hand, is middle aged, going on puppy. His gray muzzle belies his mental age. He’s smart, strong, willful, stubborn and totally beguiling.

He’s the quintessential little boy. This funny boy, along with his sister, was rescued from unfortunate circumstances. George was still with me when we rescued BeBe. At the rescue facility, she sat next to George and laid her head on his lap and looked up at him with those black, soulful eyes. That’s all it took.

She became part of the family, friend and playmate to Bailey, then Hank and now Toby. When Toby came to stay, she looked at me as if to say, “again?” But, she’s happy, even if he does annoy her at times. They are true buddies.

Pets can bring joy, solace and a sense of peace to anyone and any family willing to share and care. It’s a commitment. But I’ve found that pets truly embody that increasingly rare gift, unconditional love. I know I would be lost without BeBe and Toby.

Their accusing glare when I leave quickly gives way to uninhibited joy when I walk in the door. Love comes in all shapes and sizes.