Jeanette Sekan
Jeanette Sekan
By Jeanette Sekan
The Cody (Wyo.) Enterprise

Have you ever had one of those days?

Where every day was a Monday? Where you think you should go back to bed and start over?

Every now and then, I’m afflicted with one of those days. If it hadn’t been actually happening to me, I’d have thought I was in my own private sitcom; but at the time, I couldn’t find the funny part. That came later.

Some who know me realize I’m techno and electrically challenged. Sometimes I have help. My office has the occasional resident ghost – Willard. For years, I thought it was just me. I didn’t know others had to deal with his hijinks before I started working there.

Then one day when Willard was running the calculator (no human was within three feet of it), I was informed my heretofore unnamed officemate had a name. Over time, Willard and I have developed an uneasy truce. But I know he has the upper hand and will decide to come out and play at the most unexpected and inopportune times.

Sometimes he can’t just be happy seeing me pull my hair out at the office. He decides to follow me home. Just when I think things are going smoothly, the mouse, keyboard, battery backup all stop at the same time and battery replacement isn’t the solution. I think I actually hear Willard laughing. I do look a little silly voicing some colorful metaphors when, to the untrained eye, I’m the only person in the office.

Now, once I got the mouse/keyboard/battery backup replaced and working, I thought I was home free. Silly me. Those were the issues at the office. Once I got home, it started all over again. The burned out light bulbs weren’t burned out; there was a socket issue.

I couldn’t program the home link for the garage door opener in my car. It became a two-person job and longer than it should have. My flagpole light kept going out. Two clocks stopped within a day of each other; battery replacement not the solution.

The DVR had to be reset twice before it would work again. The battery kept dying in the pet-mobile for no reason. After trying three times and the battery always registering fully charged, the issue is still a mystery. I looked around for Willard, but …

I’ve never figured out why I have these particular challenges. I know I’m not creative. I’ve tried that. I know I’m all left thumbs. My brain understands, somewhat, how things work and why.

The breakdown occurs when I’m trying to get my hands and fingers to do what the brain tells them to do. Then everything falls apart. I’m lucky I haven’t knocked myself out working on some things. OK, I guess I have knocked myself out.

None of this takes into account when I fall down the stairs, hit my face on the car door or closet door, split my pants, forget to get the towel and realize it after I’m finished showering, and generally have the klutzes. I tell myself Willard is just interested in electronics. But then, it is one of those days.

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