Jeanette Sekan
Jeanette Sekan
By Jeanette Sekan
The Cody (Wyo.) Enterprise
HCP columnist

I’ve received a few requests the past few weeks to rerun my Christmas column from last year.

Actually, the original was in 2017 as someone requested I use it again in 2018. I went back and read the column, and since I’m running out of time to think of something new, and whatever I would write now would bear striking resemblance to the requested version, I beg your indulgence as I grant those requests and give myself a little breather.

Some of my own grown-up Christmas wish list is found in the wonderful song, but some are my own. I think many may have similar wishes for this special season.

I wish no more lives torn apart and wars will never start. The song mentions this one, but in today’s perilous time many have informed prescience. We should be concerned and aware, but must also hope the dangerous precipice on which we are balancing will be handled intelligently.

I wish that families separated will become families reunited.

I wish our political leaders would remember they may be elected from their own particular district-state, but once in Washington, they need to represent everyone. This is the “United” States of America, after all.

I wish food for those who know hunger. I wish warmth for those who are cold. I wish a home for those who are homeless. I wish everyone who feels alone the gift of friendship.

I wish everyone could know the unconditional love of a pet.

I wish everyone with a broken heart will find a way to mend.

I wish everyone who has experienced loss of a loved one many warm memories to sustain them through the darkest hours and into the light.

I wish simplicity and clarity for those who need both.

I wish the current divisions, meanness, distrust, bigotry, harassment and misconduct will be replaced with trust, compassion, kindness and acceptance of each other. We occupy this small planet together. It seems like we should find a way to coexist peaceably and for the benefit, not the destruction, of each other.

I wish our country well. It seems fractured and tenuous. Hopefully, we’ll find our way.

I wish everyone the joy and pleasure of reading. While some still try to ban books, I hope we continue to temper our instinct to limit knowledge and choice.

I wish we would judge less, love more; criticize less, accept more; diminish less, elevate more; condemn less, care more.

I wish when we see someone in need, whatever that need may be, we try to help in whatever small way we can. We never know when or how some small kindness could transform another’s life. We never know when a small kindness could transform our own life.

As we each deal with our own Christmas thoughts, memories and traditions, I hope Santa is listening and grants all of us our hopes and wishes.

Merry Christmas to all.