It seemed that all I did was blink, and in an instant, the creek valley was turning to green. The spring rains, and even a flurry of snow, had thankfully come to an end, at least for the time being, and yes, our world was beginning to set aside the muted tones of winter and dress in the many shades of new spring green. Even though I have now been greeted by 18 springs here in the creek valley, I am still startled the sudden arrival of springtime green.

One day the valley is washed in gray skies and muddy ground, and the next, green is literally erupting everywhere I look. Pale green leaves break forth on the hillside’s trees. The pasture turns from a boot- sucking mud puddle into an emerald carpet, and the hay fields spring into a shimmering glow of green that shines in the morning light. A soft light green is just now starting to grow across the forest floor, making the ground under the trees look as though it is covered with a light green blanket. The dark green moss that covers the south side of the trees and rocks is beginning to brighten. When I look closely, I can see the tiny sprouts of its emerald green mossy feathers.

I really know that spring has truly come when I see the fat buds on the buckeye trees bursting open and unfurling overnight into small, red-tinted, green leaves. I smile to see the clean new green of the daylily shoots everywhere, growing up from the sandy shores of the creek and piercing through last fall’s leaves that line the valley’s road.

Green has always been my favorite color. I imagine that when I was a little girl, I decided to like green because green rhymes with my name, Christine. Then, my very first pet was a turtle, no bigger than the size of a quarter when we first brought him home. I am sure that I fell in love with him because of his color, a very bright green, though as he grew older, his color darkened.

By the time I had grown up and was leaving home, I looked for, and found, the perfect new home for my turtle. By then, he was the size of a dessert plate, and his color had become a very distinguished, dark green.

As a city attorney, I would happily wear a lime green jacket with a black skirt to brighten up the courthouse, and as a country lawyer, I would wear a paisley green scarf that had once belonged to my grandmother.

You have, by now, probably figured out that my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, no doubt because of its minty green color, and yes, I have always loved peas, broccoli, asparagus, and, of course, salad. And I would be remiss not to mention one of my prized possessions, a marble gift from my son, that is covered with the most lovely green swirls, both inside and out. I can gaze at it and become lost in its greenness.

Green is such a wonderful color, with so many beautiful shades, but of all the greens I know and love, my very favorite greens are the wondrous, springtime greens of our creek valley, springtime world.

Christine Tailer is an attorney and former city dweller who moved several years ago, with her husband, Greg, to an off-grid farm in south-central Ohio. Visit them on the web at