Pictured is a string art piece designed by Bridgette Warner of The Little Strings. (Submitted photo)
Pictured is a string art piece designed by Bridgette Warner of The Little Strings. (Submitted photo)
Grow! Highland County would like to introduce The Little Strings, owned by Bridgette Warner.

A hobby has quickly turned into a small business for Warner and her family. String art is when nails are driven into wood into a specific pattern and then string is tied and woven between those nails to create art. Warner was asked to make a custom string art piece for Main Street Soapery, and it snowballed from there. In three months, she filled over 137 custom string art orders and shipped to more than seven states.

The sudden popularity has kept Warner, her husband, Jared, and their three children, Bella, Adeline and Eleanore, busy.

“Everyone had a job,” Warner said. “Even my youngest would lay out nails to make it easier and faster for me. We worked together, and I think the kids really learned a lot from this experience.”

Warner said that her favorite part of string art is how personal and meaningful to the client each piece is, something that can’t be bought at a store. She gets many orders for names, birthday and wedding dates, and she has even done several memorial pieces. She also makes string art that appeals to the masses, mentioning that Ohio State and Bengals string art is very popular, along with local school colors and mascot pieces.

Along with custom string art, the Little Strings hosts string art parties for small groups of kids or adults, such as Girl Scouts, ladies nights, birthday parties or date night. Warner said that there will be an upcoming string art event at Main Street Soapery and to like both The Little Strings and Main Street Soapery on Facebook for updates.

If you would like to contact The Little Strings, you can call Bridgette Warner at (859) 957-5102 or private message her on Facebook. To see her work, you can like her Facebook page, The Little Strings, or check out some of her work at Main Street Soapery at 10 West Main Street in Leesburg.

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