Girl Scout Troop 2164
Girl Scout Troop 2164
(Submitted to The Highland County Press)

On Friday, Feb. 21, Girl Scout Troop 2164 set up a cookie sale booth at Hillsboro's Community Market. They raised over $400.

However, during the cleanup process, there were last-minute sales transactions. The money bag, unknowingly, was dropped and left behind. Luckily, Hillsboro resident Shasta Ford was the individual who found the bag of money and immediately searched for the owners of the bag and its contents.

Community Market advised her to contact Pamela Bray, the Girl Scout troop leader. Ms. Ford went to Facebook and attempted to locate Ms. Bray. With no luck, she made a personal post, searching for the local troop to return the money.

At around 9 p.m. Friday, another Hillsboro resident, Shellie Young, saw the post and quickly realized that she had a friend who posted her daughter, Scarlett, was going to be selling cookies at Community Market earlier that day. She called immediately and got the troop Ms. Ford's contact information. The troop was unaware of the loss of the money and realized the miracle that had taken place due to the honesty of Ms. Ford.

Ms. Ford went above and beyond to do what she says "was the right thing to do."

Not everyone would be so honest. This particular event has taught Girl Scout Troop 2164 valuable lessons. It shows the power of honesty, that mistakes can happen and how to respond with thanks and gratitude.

Thank you to Ms. Ford for her honestly and this amazing, heartwarming event.