Hillsboro Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) will meet Saturday, Oct. 9 at 24 Exchange Deli and Pizza, 144 West Main St., Hillsboro.

The in-person activities begin with dinner at 6 p.m., followed by the meeting at 7 p.m. A Facebook livestream will begin at 7:45 p.m. EST at https://www.facebook.com/fgbmfihillsboro.

Ladies are welcome to attend. A freewill offering will be received. Please do not attend if you have cold or flu symptoms.

Praise and worship will be led by Mike Gast, and the guest speaker will be Brian Adams, healing evangelist.

Drug dealer to undercover narcotics cop to preacher of the Gospel – Dr. Adams’ testimony has it all. Having grown up in a Christian home, Dr. Adams knew the Word of God, but admittedly did not know the God of the Word. At the age of just 5, he invited Christ to live inside him, but having been taught a Bible void of power, he slipped into drugs, alcohol and sex during his teen years.

At age 25, as he was contemplating suicide, Dr. Adams surrendered his life once again and put his knowledge of the drug trade into good use by becoming a member of the local SWAT and narcotics teams.

As he walked yet one more handcuffed criminal into the police barracks one day in 1995, he heard the voice of God say, “Brian, I haven’t called you to imprison people, but to set the captive free.” That day, he turned in his badge and began his journey as a minister of the Truth.

For over two decades, Dr. Adams has been a man burning with passion and flowing in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. His unique style of preaching is accompanied with tremendous anointing for winning the lost and offering hope and healing to the hurting. His ministry focuses on the authority of the Gospel and the power of God to transform lives.

As an audience member at one of his meetings, you will laugh, you will cry, but most of all, you will see the hand of God reach through man to touch His people. Dr. Adams’ ministry results in average believers becoming positioned in the local body, equipped by the five-fold and blessed by the Father. Hosting churches report that his ministry has brought growth, strength and stability, along with friendship and support to their pastoral staff.

Globally, Dr. Adams ministers to churches in Ohio, New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota and Nicaragua. He supports Native American pastors and abandoned Navajo children. He also holds crusades in South Africa, the Caribbean, Haiti, Central America, Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica. Never forgetting his local area, he regularly reaches out to local prisons and nursing homes and sponsors community-wide events.