The Adams County Wild Mushroom Club met Tuesday, Dec. 5 with 10 people in attendance, including one guest from Columbus.

It was decided to have public meetings in 2018 on the first Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m. at the West Union Frisch’s restaurant.

An edible wild mushroom from Adams County in November was lion’s mane, Hericium erinaceus, found in Franklin Township growing on a dead limb stub on a red maple tree. It was softball-size and fed five people. They can get bushel basket-size.

One-quarter inch slices were fried in coconut oil and seasoned with lemon for vegans and fried in butter with garlic and onions until crisp for others. The flavor was sweet with a meaty texture likened to scallops or lobster.

Lion’s mane is reported to have medicinal qualities for the brain and nervous system and is grown commercially.

Information about sources for mushrooms, other than for wild-growing ones, was shared.

Specialty stores, Asian dishes on menus in restaurants and in processed foods often contain mushrooms different from the common store button ones.

The edible wild mushroom season for Adams County is basically over, but there is a world of information about mushrooms on the internet: places to order them, kits for home-growing, organizations, books, identification, stories, events and activities.

Some commercial mushroom varieties grow wild in Adams County. Learn about them this winter and are ready to find and enjoy many more than just morels next spring.

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