Bob McEwen
Bob McEwen
Former Hillsboro resident and Congressmen Bob McEwen has been named as one of several individuals who did not report allegations of sexual misconduct by recently resigned State Rep. Wes Goodman (R-Ohio), according to the Washington Post and Cincinnati Enquirer.

Goodman, who represented the 87th House District, resigned Nov. 14, citing “inappropriate behavior,” according to a article.


“[House Speaker Cliff] Rosenberger told there had been an inappropriate interaction in Goodman's Riffe Center office between the married lawmaker and a person not employed by the legislature,” Jackie Borchardt reported. “Rosenberger spokesman Brad Miller said the interaction was consensual and happened several months ago. Miller said it did not constitute sexual harassment, and no complaints of harassment by Goodman were made during his time in the House.”

However, Kimberly Kindy and Elise Viebeck of The Washington Post reported Nov. 17 that two years ago, then-candidate Goodman was accused of “fondling” an 18-year-old college student during a fundraising conference. The teenager’s parents “demanded action from the head of the organization hosting the conference,” the Post reported.

However, “the incident … never became public,” according to the Post article, despite “a small circle of people” – including McEwen – being aware of the incident.

“[Council for National Policy] Executive Director Bob McEwen, a former Ohio congressman who was included on the email chain, promised the stepfather on Oct. 22, 2015, ‘strong action is about to take place,’” the Post reported.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Monday, Nov. 20 that Ohio Republican Party leader Jane Timken is calling for McEwen’s resignation “if he knew about the allegations.”

According to the Enquirer article by Jessie Balmert, Timken said, “I think every person has an obligation to say and do something about sexual misconduct or harassment of any kind when they see it. If Bob McEwen knew about this and did not say or do anything, he should resign.”

In addition to serving as CNP executive director, McEwen represented Ohio in the United States House of Representatives for six terms. More recently, he was a member of the Southern State Community College Board of Trustees, as McEwen was appointed by Gov. John Kasich in October 2014 to represent Highland County on the board. McEwen resigned Oct. 1, 2016 from the SSCC board.

According to his website (, McEwen “maintains an active international speaking schedule” as “a leading advocate for pro-family interests and free-market economics.” He and his wife, Liz, “volunteer as speakers at Family Life Marriage Conferences in the United States and Canada.”