Rep. Brad Wenstrup
Rep. Brad Wenstrup
Note: Ohio's Second District Congressman Brad Wenstrup has sent the following letter to President Donald J. Trump.

Dear President Trump,

Our commitment to the rule of law and fidelity to the Constitution makes America the greatest country in the world.

Along with millions of Americans, I voted for you and was also disappointed by the election results. I was pleased to hear you commit to an orderly transfer of power to the incoming Biden administration, in keeping with the longstanding tradition of peaceful governance.

As a violent mob descended upon the Capitol, our republic experienced an unprecedented attack by its own citizens on Jan. 6, 2021, resulting in lives lost, including two officers with the United States Capitol Police, and countless injuries. Investigations into the event remain ongoing. However, we can discern from reports of explosive devices being planted outside prominent buildings that some of the violence was premeditated.

There are reports of violence being planned at the capitols of all 50 states in the lead-up to President-elect Biden’s Jan. 20, 2021, inauguration.[1] I urge you, as our current duly-elected President of the United States, to condemn these violent plots and call for peace. America needs leadership in this moment to avoid potentially disastrous events from happening again.

The office of the president has great power and influence. I urge you to use it responsibly for the safety and security of the American people.


Brad Wenstrup
U.S. Representative

[1] Schecter, A. (Jan. 12, 2021). Extremists move to secret online channels to plan for Inauguration Day in D.C. Retrieved Jan. 12, 2021, from