Rep. Brad Wenstrup
Rep. Brad Wenstrup
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Brad Wenstrup, R-Cincinnati, has released the following statement after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released.

“With the release of this report, it would appear that we have yet another confirmation that Special Counsel Mueller’s findings are consistent with the findings of the House Intelligence Committee from last year: No collusion or conspiracy was committed by President Trump or members of the Trump campaign. All Americans should be grateful for this news.

“As outlined in Mueller’s report, I remain deeply concerned that Russia was successful in its attempts to divide our nation and disrupt our way of life.

“I urge Chairman Schiff and Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to use their leadership position to work to stop future Russian efforts as well as make transparent the origins and behaviors of the investigation itself. Whether they will do so remains to be seen.

“I thank Attorney General Barr for his efforts to be transparent and follow the letter of the law, and Special Counsel Mueller for his team’s diligence over the last two years. I look forward to reviewing the details of the report, as Mr. Mueller had complete access as well as unlimited time and abundant personnel.

“With the release of this report, it would be nice to come together as a nation to fight for truth, justice, and the security of our ‘American way,’” Wenstrup said.