The May 3 Republican primary race could decide who will be the next mayor of Hillsboro, according to the Highland County Board of Elections. 

Feb. 2 was the last day for party candidates to file for the primary election, and candidates Rod Daniels, Drew Hastings and Terry Mikkelsen each filed their petitions. Director of Elections Steve Witham said that Independent candidates have until May 2 to file. 

There are also uncontested races for Hillsboro Municipal Court Judge David H. McKenna, Hillsboro Auditor Gary Lewis (R) and Hillsboro Law Director Fred Beery (R).

Incumbent Hillsboro Mayor Dick Zink, a Democrat, announced last week that he will not seek a third term in office. 

Witham said that voters need to be aware that anyone may vote in the May 3 primary election, "But it is a Republican primary. Anyone can go vote - Democrats, Green Party, Socialist - but if they do go in and vote, they will be listed as a Republican. There will be no Democratic ballots."

The Highland County Board of Elections will meet Tuesday, Feb. 8 at 8 a.m. to certify the ballots. 

"They will also discuss a little bit how much the elections will cost," he said. "There will only be five precincts open. Brush Creek will also be open ( in addition to the Hillsboro precincts) because the Adams County Ohio Valley School district is running a levy, and they are in that district."