State Rep. Andy Thompson
State Rep. Andy Thompson

Despite an Ohio House news release last month that legislation to repeal or replace Common Core would be considered for a full House vote, the new academic standards will remain in place.

An effort to repeal Common Core did not make it to a vote in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

In a November news release, State Rep. Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) and Rep. Matt Huffman (R-Lima) applauded the committee movement of House Bill 597 – legislation that would have – if passed – repealed and replaced Common Core standards in Ohio.



"Voted out of the House Rules and Reference Committee on Nov. 5, the bill would replace Common Core standards with proven superior standards, and would prevent the State Board of Education from assessing student achievement based on Common Core, with the goal of restoring to teachers and classrooms a clear set of guidelines and criteria," Thompson said.

"House Bill 597 also works to protect the confidentiality of student data and returns control back to local Ohioans and their schools.

“I commend my Rules Committee colleagues for their positive vote,” Thompson said. “Now I hope we can deliver the votes needed in the General Assembly for passage as a gift to the many parents, students and teachers who are counting upon us.”

“Constituents in my district, and all around Ohio, have serious concerns with the Common Core standards now being implemented in Ohio’s schools,” said Rep. Huffman.

“The committee passage of this legislation is another step in ensuring that students in the state have every opportunity to learn and that they receive the best education we can give them.”

The lawmakers said the legislation will now be considered for a full House vote.

That did not happen, as the Ohio House opted against bringing the proposed legislation to a vote.

"The more people know (about Common Core), the less they like it," Thompson said.