The May 8 primary election will include a contested race on the Republican ballot for the 91st District state representative seat, while numerous other local candidates have filed for election or re-election this year.

According to Highland County Elections Administrator Steve Witham, the Board of Elections will meet Tuesday, Feb. 13 to certify the list of the primary candidates.

As previously reported in The Highland County Press this January, Highland County Commissioner Shane Wilkin of Hillsboro, a Republican, announced his candidacy for Ohio’s 91st House of Representatives District, currently held by House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger.

The district includes Clinton, Highland and Pike counties and parts of Ross County.

Wilkin will face Clinton County native Beth Ellis of Sabina, who announced her candidacy in May 2017. Ellis and her husband are farmers as well as co-owners of Cherrybend Pheasant Farm.

Also running for the 91st District is Democratic candidate Justin Grimes of New Vienna.

Republican Jeff Duncan will seek a second term as Highland County commissioner and will face Democratic candidate John Knauff of Hillsboro during the Nov. 6 election. Knauff is currently a member of the Highland County Democratic Central Committee.

Highland County Auditor Bill Fawley, also a Republican, has filed petitions for re-election. He will be running unopposed.

Other local candidates include the race for county Republican and Democratic central committees. There are no contested races in that election.

Seeking re-election to the Democratic central committee are: Carolyn L. Goins (HNE-17); Kate Cameron (HNW-19); Charlotte Harbut (HSE-23); Pamela Limes (HSWB-28); Freddie Snyder (LE-30); Terry Moore (LYN-37); Andy West (WHK-43); John Knauff (BC-46); Jolene Walker (LNE-61); Linda Emery (LS-63); Robert McCray (MD-66); Dinah Phillips (MA-70); Chester Stephan (NM-73); Linda K. Griffith (PN-76); Angela Mustard (PSE-77); Ronald L. Davis (PE-80); and Joseph Fraysier (UN-85).

Also filing to run for Democratic central committee are Brenda Losey (GN-01) and Christy L. Snider (HSWA-27).

No petitions were filed for the Democratic Central Committee precincts of GS-10 (Greenfield), FE-33 (Fairfield), FW-34 (Fairfield), CL-50 (Clay), CO-53 (Concord), HA-56 (Hamer), JCK-59 (Jackson), LNW-62 (Liberty Northwest), PSW-78 (Paint), SA-83 (Salem) and WAS-87 (Washington).

For the Republican Central Committee, local candidates seeking re-election include Charles H. Walker (HNW-19), James M. Grove (HSE-23), Winona G. Swayne (HSWA-27), Richard R. Donley (HSWB-28), Shawn C. Priest (LE-30), Kevin Zimmerman (FE-33), Barbara Hodge (FW-34), Bill Fawley (DOD-39), Linda Roush (WHK-43), Chuck Emery (CO-53), Philip J. Weyrich (JCK-59), Susan Parker (LNE-61), Montey Scott (LNW-62), P. Dean Otworth (LS-63), Donald Barrera (NM-73), Steven M. Karnes (PN-76), Roger Ruggles (PSW-78), Jeff Duncan (PE-80), Karen Faust (SA-83), Peggy J. Hite (UN-85) and John B. Setty (WAS-87).

Also running for the Republican Central Committee are Terry Washburn (GS-10), Roger Huffman (HNE-17), James A. Burton (LYN-37), Jeff Ryan (BC-46) and Aric W. Fiscus (CL-50).

No petitions were filed for the Republican Central Committee precincts of GN-01 (Greenfield), HA-56 (Hamer), MD-66 (Madison), MA-70 (Marshall) and PSE-77 (Paint).

Local issues on the ballot will include a Village of Highland levy (renewal, current expenses, 2.5 mills, 5 years); Village of Lynchburg levy (renewal, current expenses, 1 mill, 5 years); Village of Lynchburg levy (renewal, street maintenance, 5 mills, 5 years); Village of Mowrystown levy (renewal, current expenses, 5 mills, 5 years); and Union Township levy (additional, cemetery, 0.5 mill, 5 years).

Along with the local races, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted released Wednesday the list of candidates filed to run for statewide offices, with a number of contested races.

Candidates filing petitions include:

• Attorney General: Steve Dettelbach (D) and Dave Yost (R).

• Auditor of State: Keith Faber (R) and a contested race for Democrats Kelli Prather and Zack Space.

• Governor/Lt. Governor: Republicans Mike DeWine/Jon Husted will face Mary Taylor/Nathan D. Estruth. There are seven Democratic candidates running for governor: Richard Cordray/Betty Sutton; Dennis John Kucinich/Tara L. Samples; Bill O’Neill/Chantelle C. Lewis; Connie Pillich/Scott Schertzer; Paul E. Ray/Jerry M. Schroeder; and Joe Schiavoni/Stephanie Dodd. There is also one Green Party candidate, Constance Gadell-Newton/Brett R. Joseph.

• Secretary of State: Kathleen Clyde (D) and Frank LaRose (R).

• Supreme Court: Craig Baldwin (R) and Michael Donnelly (D) will run for the term commencing Jan. 1, 2019. Recent appointee Mary DeGenaro (R) and Melody Stewart (D) are seeking the term commencing Jan. 2.

• Treasurer of State: Candidates include Republicans Sandra O’Brien and Robert Sprague and Democrats Neil Patel and Rob Richardson.

• United States Senate: Five Republican candidates have filed petitions to face incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown. Running for Senate are Republicans Melissa Ackison, Don Elijah Eckart, Mike Gibbons, Dan Kiley and Jim Renacci.