By Drew Hastings
Mayor of Hillsboro

Since mid-December of last year, there has been a criminal investigation directed at me for alleged crimes committed as Mayor.

I have dutifully complied with various subpoenas and search warrants issued in regard to this investigation headed up by Sheriff Barrera of the Highland County Sheriff’s office.

I have endured their investigators’ tactics and, at times, questionable methods of operation.

But when the Special Prosecutors decide to include my 7-year-old daughter, going to her school and subpoenaing her records – whatever records a 7-year-old can amass – I will no longer stay silent or sit idly by.

If the team of Special Prosecutors or if Sheriff Donnie Barrera feel that going after a 7-year-old girl’s elementary school records is pertinent to making their case against me, then they need to act. I will not allow my family to be swept up in this misguided prosecution.

I, and my family, insist that their office empanel [sic] a Special Grand Jury and indict me if they believe they have a valid criminal case or cease this politically-driven witch hunt, immediately.

As Mayor, I am embarrassed for Hillsboro – the City – as well [as] our role as the County Seat, and I believe that I speak for the vast majority of our citizens when I say that this has been a gross waste of taxpayers’ time and money, and has seriously eroded the working relationship between the City and County at the expense of our citizens.

Signed: Mayor Drew Hastings, City of Hillsboro, Ohio

* * *

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