On Dec. 1 at 1:38 a.m., the Hillsboro Police Department received a call from a male subject on Johnson Street alleging that he was just assaulted with a gun by a Cody Butler.

The alleged victim stated that Butler took off running from the property at the time of the call and believed he still had the firearm with him.

Hillsboro Police Officers arrived on scene, along with the department’s K9 unit. Butler was observed by officers in the area of Johnson Street and East South Street, where he crossed the street in front of a patrol car.

When officers attempted to stop Butler, he allegedly fled on foot. Butler jumped over a fence, where he fell next to a vehicle.

The officer approached the front of the vehicle to find a black gun under the front of the vehicle, and the neighboring motion light was activated and Butler was observed running south.

The Hillsboro Police Department’s K9 was deployed for a track of the suspect in the area. The K9 tracked south entering a small set of woods in the 300 block of Johnson Street. The K9 alerted to its handler, and Butler was located hiding in the woods. Butler surrendered to officers at this time.

Cody Butler, 39, of Hillsboro was taken into custody and transported to the Highland County Justice Center and charged with obstructing official business, felonious assault and receiving stolen property for alleged possession of a stolen firearm.