One day after their previous COVID-19 update, the Highland County Health Department is reporting increases in nearly every category, including cases, recoveries, hospitalizations, actively sick patients and quarantines, as of Wednesday, July 29.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, the number of cumulative cases has risen by seven patients, from 107 to 114. That includes 103 lab-confirmed cases and 11 probable cases.

Of those cases, there has been an increase in actively sick patients, from 20 Tuesday to 24 Wednesday; an increase in hospitalizations, from three Tuesday to six Wednesday; and an increase in recoveries, from 86 Tuesday to 88 Wednesday.

Although over the weekend there was a significant decrease in the number of individuals being monitored for symptoms, that number has also shown a slight increase so far this week, from 91 Tuesday to 94 on Wednesday.

There has been one COVID-19-related death reported in Highland County and 15 total hospitalizations.