The governor’s new stay at home order takes effect tonight at midnight. Most notable is the ability of local businesses to set how many people they will allow into the store at any given time.

We spent part of the afternoon contacting these local businesses and have compiled the following list for you:

• Walmart: 920;

• Lowe’s: 150 plus their associates;

• Rural King: 200;

• Kroger: 465;

• Community Markets: Had not supplied their number by the time of this release;

• Save A Lot - Hillsboro: 70;

• Save A Lot - Greenfield: 50;

• Walgreens: 51;

• CVS: 15;

• Rite Aid: Has not supplied a number;

• All Dollar Generals: No limit;

• Family Dollar - Hillsboro: 20; and

• Family Dollar - Greenfield: No answer.

This release seems to be all about the numbers, so here are the numbers for the State of Ohio and Highland County.

Highland County went into the weekend with four confirmed cases and came out with six. Of those, four are resting at home and two are hospitalized. Of the four at home, we are very hopeful that one case will be fully recovered this week and released from isolation. This case will still appear on our list of county cases in the state report, even though they have recovered.

The state of Ohio has seen another increase in hospitalizations and ICU bed utilization. Across the state, we are showing 1,214 people in the hospital with 371 needing intensive care. Unfortunately, the number of deaths increased to 142 statewide with none in Highland County.

We knew all along that we would not be able to stop the spread of COVID-19. Our goal has been to slow it down to allow the healthcare system to stay caught up. The projections coming from OSU hospital show more infections than we currently have, so our efforts are making a difference.

Keep physical distancing and covering that cough, wear your mask and stay at home if you are sick. We are flattening the curve.

We’re all in this together. Be nice!