The Greenfield Rotary Club’s online and in person auction scheduled Thursday, Sept. 17 will feature 10 limited edition prints by artist Tammy Wells plus some other nice items and a unique brewing experience.

The auction is scheduled at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17 at the Ralph W. Phillips Community Recreation and Civic Center, 156 Jefferson St., Greenfield, with Gary Binegar handling the auctioneering duties.

Bidders can tune in via Facebook Live through the Greenfield Rotary Club Facebook page (“Rotary Club of Greenfield Ohio”). Bids can be placed online, by calling or texting in, or in person at the Rec Center with appropriate social distancing and personal protective equipment, according to Coffey.

This year’s print features a lovely street scene of downtown Greenfield during a transitional time in our community’s history,” said Rotary President Ron Coffey. “It might even be from the time of the Spanish flu a little more than a hundred years ago, since the scene depicts horses and buggies as well as early automobiles. It certainly was a time of change as Americans became more mobile in the Automobile Age, and that changed our country in all sorts of ways.”

Each of the Wells prints will be professionally framed and ready for pickup. Coffey praised Tammy Wells for her longstanding support of the Greenfield Rotary Club and the continued excellence of her artwork.

“Funds raised from the sale of our limited-edition prints have enabled our Rotary club to operate the Rec Center and take part in numerous projects for the benefit of the community,” Coffey said.

Among those are donations of dictionaries and thesauruses to children in the local school district, sponsorship of the Four Way Test speaking contest, sponsorship of the Greene Countrie Towne Festival, and donations to good causes sponsored by other organizations.

In addition to the Wells prints, several nice items and a unique experience will be available to bidders on Sept. 17. Unique among the items this year is a craft beer brewing experience at 22 Brew, a microbrewery located at the Catch 22 Sports Pub.

“The winning bidder will be able to work with 22 Brew owner Scott Benner to produce his or her own ‘perfect beer’ by describing the flavor profile they are seeking. Once the ingredients come in, the bidder can work with Scott on a Saturday to add the hops, malt and other ingredients in the hope of achieving brewing perfection.” Coffey said.

Once the brewing process is completed, the winning bidder gets to name the beer and partake of its contents. The remaining beer will be sold at Catch 22, using the name provided by the winning bidder. The fermentation process takes from one to four weeks, depending on the type of beer being brewed, and so the tasting and availability will depend on the choices of the bidder.

“I could see this being a great father-son or mother-daughter project for a family that enjoys the brewing arts,” Coffey said. “We thank Scott Benner of 22 Brew and Mark Clyburn of Catch 22 for this unique and interesting auction item.”

Another new offering this year is the chance to have a metal sign made by Industrial Art Metal Works, a company located at 3510 Maple Grove Road, Chillicothe. Adena Greenfield Medical Center is donating a $150 gift certificate for the auction. The winning bidder can select from a number of interesting styles to have a sign created for their home or business.

Several examples of the company’s handiwork can be seen on the Industrial Art Metal Works Facebook page. “This is high quality stuff, and a great way to individualize your property, business or some special interest you have,” said the Rotary president.

Items pledged for the auction thus far include:

• Ten limited edition prints of a Greenfield scene by local artist Tammy Wells.

• A $150 Gift Certificate to Industrial Art Metal Works, donated by Adena Greenfield Medical Center.

• A Honda HRS 216 Self-Propelled Mower donated by Jack’s Equipment and Greenfield Research.

• An Echo GT-225SF Trimmer donated by Jack’s Equipment and Greenfield Research.

• A Gift Basket donated by Eric Zint of Corner Healthmart Pharmacy.

• A Big Daddy Skillet donated by Greenfield Products.

• A delicious Cheesecake donated and baked by legendary local cook Jeanne Anderson.

• A Crofton Turbo Convection Oven donated by Gail Allen.

• A Danbury Mint “America Stands Proud” Collector Plate donated by Gail Allen.

• A Black & Decker Coffee Maker donated by Larry and Cindy Hayes.

• A Corey Combine Musical Instrument for children donated by Larry and Cindy Hayes.

• Ohio State-themed Tailgate Party Items donated by Larry and Cindy Hayes.

• A Razor Children’s Kick Scooter donated by Larry and Cindy Hayes.

• A Fire Pit donated by Dr. Richard Mizer and Cristy Hill.

• A 20” Boy’s Huffy Bicycle donated by Ron and Dianna Coffey.

• A 20” Girl’s Huffy Bicycle donated by Ron and Dianna Coffey.

• A 4-Quart Crock Pot donated by Ron and Dianna Coffey.

• An Ohio State University Cookie Jar.

Several other items may be available as well.

Photos of most of the items will be posted on the Greenfield Rotary Club website,, along with information on how to bid, pay for and pick up the items.