Richard Giroux
Richard Giroux
The Alliance Review has reported this week that former Hillsboro safety and service director Richard Giroux has been placed on leave as the village manager of Sebring.

In a story by Gayle Blair (, The Alliance Review reports that Sebring Village Council voted unanimously to suspend Giroux.

“Giroux received a seven-day suspension with pay. No reason was given for the action during the meeting, and several people reached Friday declined to give a reason for the action,” Blair wrote. “The Alliance Review is awaiting results of a public records request for Giroux’s personnel file.”

Giroux, 58, was appointed safety and service director in January 2012 by Hillsboro mayor Drew Hastings.

In November 2012, Giroux was arrested on a charge of OVI (operating a vehicle while impaired) by the Hillsboro Police Department. He also was charged with failing to obey a traffic device, according to Hillsboro Municipal Court records.

Giroux was taken to the Highland County Justice Center for incarceration at approximately 1:15 a.m. Monday, Nov. 26, 2012. According to court records, Giroux tested .188 on a DUI Breathalizer test.

Giroux was found guilty of his 2012 charge of operating a vehicle while impaired. Hillsboro Municipal Court Judge David McKenna recused himself from the case, which was heard by Highland County Court/Madison Township Judge Robert Judkins.

Giroux was placed on an indefinite leave of absence after he was convicted in Hillsboro.

Giroux also has a prior arrest for driving under the influence in Guernsey County, Ohio.