(HCP Photos/Rory Ryan)
(HCP Photos/Rory Ryan)
The Hillsboro Police Department and Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District arrived at a house at the intersection of North West and West North Streets in Hillsboro Thursday, June 16 at approximately 10:45 a.m. in response to at least three calls of a dog on the second-story roof of a residence.

The dog had gotten out through an opening next to a window air conditioning unit on the second floor of the home, and neighbors started calling 911.

Those on scene included Alex Becker of the Paint Creek Joint EMS/Fire District, Hillsboro Police Officer Zach Burnett, Paint Creek Fire Captain Matt Miller and other Paint Creek crew members.

A neighbor, Laura Orebaugh, assisted with a leash for the dog. After placing the leash around the dog, Captain Miller put the sizable dog under his left arm and brought it safely down a ladder.

After the successful retrieval of the dog, passersby and those on the scene gave the officers a standing ovation.