Republican Hillsboro City Council member Justin Harsha, who announced early this year that he was running for mayor of Hillsboro, will have some competition in the Nov. 5 general election, according to the Highland County Board of Elections.

Two write-in candidates for Hillsboro mayor are listed by the Board of Elections: Philip Loveless and Antony Weissmann, who was fired as the city’s building officer/building code enforcement officer by the current Hillsboro mayor on July 25. An initial statement from the mayor’s office said Weissmann was terminated on June 25.

The office had a similar issue three years ago with back-dating separations when former Hillsboro Planning Commission and Hillsboro Civil Service Commission member Bob Lambert resigned. In letters dated June 23, 2016 – but stamped received by the city on June 22, 2016 – Lambert submitted his resignation from his two city commissions, stating he resigned "due to increasing constraints on my time and other life events." Lambert was subsequently sent to prison on federal charges. Both resignations were effective July 1, 2016. However, Lambert answered the roll call and voted during the July 18, 2016 Hillsboro Planning Commission meeting. (See

In addition to being terminated by the mayor on July 25, Weissmann has pending litigation against him in Highland County Common Pleas Court. As reported by The Highland County Press this week, the attorney for the Southern Ohio Historic Preservation Investment Group, LLC has filed an 80-page notice of appeal of an adjudication order by Weissmann. The civil case was filed Aug. 6. (See

The last official address that the city has for Weissmann is P.O. Box 396, Franklin, Ohio 45005, according to the auditor’s office.

Loveless, who also goes by the surname “Love,” told The Highland County Press he was running for mayor “so Harsha would not run unopposed.”

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