Champaign County Engineer Stephen McCall, CEAO Executive Director Dean Ringle and Delaware County Engineer Chris Bauserman are pictured at the White House.
Champaign County Engineer Stephen McCall, CEAO Executive Director Dean Ringle and Delaware County Engineer Chris Bauserman are pictured at the White House.
WASHINGTON, D.C. – On July 16, more than 200 state, local and tribal officials from around the country joined President Donald J. Trump on the White House South Lawn as he reviewed the administration’s ongoing efforts to reduce burdensome federal regulations.

The president highlighted the regulatory actions taken to expedite infrastructure projects at an event entitled Rollback of Regulations Helping All Americans.

Engineers attending from Ohio included Champaign County Engineer Stephen McCall, Delaware County Engineer Chris Bauserman, and CEAO Executive Director Dean Ringle who were invited as part of a delegation with seven other local transportation officials from the National Association of County Engineers (NACE). Vice President Mike Pence, Idaho Governor Bradley Little, and Alaska Governor Michael Dunleavy also addressed the group.

“Local infrastructure is the backbone of our national infrastructure network,” said McCall. “NACE supports the Administration’s efforts to improve the federal review process for infrastructure projects. Time equals money, and when it comes to our local roads and bridges, we cannot afford to wait for Washington red-tape to clear before addressing our infrastructure needs.”

Bauserman added, “I was honored by the invitation to the White House for President Trump’s commitment to reducing over-reaching government regulations that slow projects and hamper our economy. President Trump’s Executive order streamlining and limiting the approval process for Federal Transportation Projects is welcome news.

"The new limits on the review time period and the scope of federal approvals means road and bridge projects can be built faster and cheaper. Here in Delaware County, it’s important that we expedite projects to meet the safety, mobility and congestion demands of our rapidly growing region. The President’s efforts to streamline the development of transportation projects is welcome news for motorists in our county and throughout the nation.”

Ringle stated, “It was a privilege to represent not only Ohio County Engineers but County Engineers from across the country. Throughout America the local county engineers work hard to maintain and replace aging roadways and bridges in a timely manner. Working with smart regulations and eliminating excessive regulatory burdens keeps our projects moving forward and helps us keep our transportation system safe.”

County engineers are responsible for the maintenance, repair and capital improvements of county highways, roads and bridges in Ohio. County engineers are responsible for nearly 29,000 miles of urban and rural roadways and over 26,000 bridges that are vital to the combined growth and prosperity here in the state of Ohio. Since 1940, the County Engineers Association of Ohio has worked to unify its members in their goal to provide the highest quality transportation, surveying, drainage and land record keeping services. For more information about CEAO, please visit