By Rory Ryan
The Highland County Press

"Obviously, it's been a great week for Highland County and especially Greenfield," Highland County Commission President Shane Wilkin said to open the July 1 commissioners' meeting.

Wilkin was referencing the June 29 announcement that Corvac Composites has reached a preliminary agreement to acquire an existing 175,000-square-foot facility in Greenfield and bring an anticipated 200 new jobs.

Corvac Composites, LLC, headquartered in Kentwood, Mich., is positioned to open a new manufacturing location in Greenfield in the former RR Donnelley facility, located at 1025 North Washington St. The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter of 2015, with new production slated for early 2016.

"Corvac Composites, LLC has a preliminary agreement to purchase the facility," Wilkin said. "There are a few things to finish up before it's finalized.

"There will be a big announcement with the company and the folks who were integral on the economic development project."

Wilkin thanked Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, Sen. Bob Peterson, the Village of Greenfield, Katy Farber, Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth Project Manager for Highland, Ross, Adams, Pike, Scioto, Jackson, Vinton, Lawrence and Gallia counties, and county commission clerk and economic development coordinator Nicole Oberrecht. "Nicole did an awful lot of work on the logistics of the project," Wilkin said.

"The good news is we're out of (manufacturing) buildings to sell," Wilkin said, and then added "The bad news is we're out of buildings to sell."

Commissioners Jeff Duncan and Tom Horst also thanked Wilkin for his work on the Corvac expansion into Greenfield.

"I'd like to thank you, Shane, for your efforts," Duncan said. "There were a lot of hours and trips to Columbus on this."

"That goes from me, too," Horst said.

Wilkin added that when the new employment opportunities become available, it will be time for the county to "make it happen. We need to back it up with our local workforce," he said.

* * *



• Commissioners also announced that in the next two weeks, InSite Consulting LLC of Greer, S.C. will be back in Highland County to review the Leesburg Industrial Park and prepare it to become a "certified site" for new business development.

Currently, the industrial park is lacking fiber optics for high-speed for business-level internet, commissioners said.

The board also said it is finalizing a plan for the bidding process for the next three-year contract on the Leesburg Industrial Park's farmland.

* * *

• Commissioner Duncan updated the board on the ongoing work on the Greenfield Rail Line Improvement Project.

The project stretches from Greenfield to Midland and includes upgrades to rail crossings, bridges and track and signal work.

"I checked on the progress in Greenfield, Centerfield Road, East Monroe and the crossings have been improved greatly," Duncan said.

* * *

• Commissioners entered into executive session to meet with Millhuff-Stang, CPA, Inc. of Portsmouth for the county's regularly scheduled audit.

* * *


Commissioners approved the following resolutions, each by a 3-0 vote:

• Additional appropriation from unappropriated funds to Rocky Fork Lake Sewer Capital Improvement, Other Expense in the amount of $85,315.89.

• Additional appropriation from unappropriated funds to Rocky Fork Lake Sewer Capital Improvement, Other Expense in the amount of $3,090.

• A request from the Sheriff for a budget modification within County from Transfers Out to Sheriff Budget, Insurance/Opt Out, in the amount of $320.

• Additional appropriation from unappropriated funds to Dog and Kennel, Contracts and Repairs, in the amount of $30,000.

• A transfer from County, Transfers Out to Debt Retirement Rocky Fork Lake Sewer in the amount of $16,000.