(Photo courtesy of Linda Ellis)
(Photo courtesy of Linda Ellis)
Lyndhurst resident Linda (Limes) Ellis has contacted the Highland County Board of Commissioners regarding vandalism at the Sheep Pen Cemetery on Greenfield-Sabina Road.

"I visited the Sheep Pen Cemetery on Friday, July 15 and found about 15 grave markers and some large, gray granite monuments pushed over," Ellis said. "Some of the more fragile, older markers, were cracked and broken due to being knocked down very hard."
Ellis said the cemetery has suffered from vandalism over the years.  

"I have been visiting Sheep Pen Cemetery for 30 years; however, I have never seen as extensive vandalism to it as this episode. Almost half of the stones in the entire cemetery were damaged."

Ellis has also contacting the Madison Township trustees to report the damage and seek a means to restore the markers. The trustees are working with Hardy Memorials of Greenfield.