Later today, Secretary Husted will be filing a brief with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, appealing a recent ruling by Judge Economus on the principle that all voters should have the same opportunities to vote, no matter where they live. Regarding this ongoing litigation, all of the following may be attributed to Secretary of State Jon Husted:

“Before this lawsuit was filed, Ohio was a national leader in voter access. After this case is decided, Ohio will still be a national leader in voter access, not only in the number of days and hours for early in-person voting, but because I have sent all voters an absentee ballot application, allowing them to vote without ever having to leave home.

“As Secretary of State, I have worked to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat by ensuring that all voters, no matter which option they choose or where they live, vote by the same set of rules. In doing that, I have followed the laws as passed by the General Assembly, and when I had discretion, elected to adopt a uniform and bipartisan schedule for voting that was carefully developed by the Republicans and Democrats that run local elections.

“Though I have complied with the recent ruling by Judge Economus, I must appeal his decision because in allowing counties to set their own schedules, he has once again opened the door to having a patchwork of rules across the state, which is in direct conflict with his previous rulings that insisted upon treating all voters equally.

“Having a myriad of different rules set just before an election will not only create confusion among the electorate, but more importantly, it simply isn’t fair to treat voters in one county different than voters in another.

“With a successful appeal we make sure all Ohioans have plenty of time to vote while also ensuring every voter has fair and equal opportunity to cast their ballot.”