After 19 months, a first-degree misdemeanor case of alleged falsification against a Hillsboro business representative has been dismissed.

Hillsboro Municipal Court Criminal Case No. CRB 2000146, originally filed Feb. 11, 2020 against Jennifer Jenkins, was dismissed Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Jenkins, who is vice president of Warren Furniture in Hillsboro, had been accused of forging her ex-husband's signature. She has maintained her innocence since the charge was filed by the Hillsboro Police Department.

Counsel for the state James Roeder, filling in for Prosecutor Fred Beery, advised Hillsboro Municipal Court Judge David H. McKenna that based on multiple handwriting analyses "It was consistent with his (the ex-husband's) signature."

Based on that information, Roeder made a motion to dismiss.

Defense attorney J.D. Wagoner then made a motion for the release of Jenkins' bond, which the judge granted.