Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones
Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones has sent letters to President Barack Obama and to Ohio Governor John Kasich, calling for specific actions related to immigration.

In his letter to President Obama, Sheriff Jones re-states his position that securing the nation’s border has to be the first step in any immigration reform.

The letter states, in part, “…Our nation’s current ‘immigration crisis’ is a direct result of our country’s inability to control its border. Failure to secure our nation’s border first will only result in yet another failed immigration plan. Please secure the border, now!”

The letter to Governor Kasich calls for his support for securing the border as the first step to any immigration plan.

It then goes a step further, and asks the governor to make sure that, “…Ohio does not become a holding center or shelter for any of the recent illegal juvenile (under the age of 18) detainees that are now overwhelming our national system…” and to “take a strong stance that Ohio not become a place the federal government uses to pass on the problems they have created.”

Sheriff Jones believes it is time to take action now. “Every day that the border remains unsecure means there will be several hundred or even thousands of more illegal aliens to deal with down the road,” Jones said.

“Because our national leaders fail to take the necessary steps to secure the border, we all will wind up eventually paying a much greater price in the future,” he said.